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UK Connection presents L DON aka @LDigidy

L Don cover

L Don cover


L.Don is a Uk Rapper Born from North West London.  He began Rapping at the tender age of 9 after being in his uncles “Ruff Cutt” studio. After studying and excelling in the skill of writing, L Don entered his first competitions where he came third. At age 15 he and child hood friend Herbal T joined forces to create K.R.T which stands for (Kings of The Round ).

A rap duo that was later signed to independent lable U1. After being signed to U1 they quickly learned how to actually make songs with 16 bars verses and 8 bar hooks and were able to explore different flows and rhyme patterns. When he reached the age 18, he and other artists who were signed to U1 created A.Kz, a sub group for the younger members of U1 (C-Notes, Masai Warrior & Marcus Garvey)  releasing 2 official mixtapes and performing at shows up and down the country with artists Like Sway, Sincere, Skinny Man, Klashnekoff, Lethol Bizzle, Rodney P & Skits. Then L.Don & Herbal T released there long overdue K.R.T Official Mixtape “Na Mesa Redonda We Trust” which sold over 2000 copies in Two Months. They also toured with Queens Bridge rapper Cormega and Then went on to release 2 other Mixtape “Invading Miami & On The North West Side” Both mixtapes did very well.

December 2009 L.Don released his frst Solo Official Mixtape entitled “Don Status” which Sold 1000 copies in a Month. He also released his first online video which was widely recieved and to his surprise was put on and to this day is still the highest viewed UK Artist with 220,000 views before youtube took it down due to lyrical content and partual nudity. He released Freeload 1 which would be his last release on U1 Entertainment. After Parting ways with U1 He and Herbal T created there own Record Label called Redonda Records. After getting the blue print from U1 L.Don brought a New name to the table. Another Child hood friend by the name of A-Wibz which has become one of North West London’s Rising stars. L.Don then released Freeload 2 and dropped a fan made video for his Track “Booty Do Tricks” which received over 300,000 views on youtube and got him recognized by DefJam Records. He didnt get a recoerd deal but he got Digital Distribution for his label. So he started working on his 2nd Solo Official Mixtape “Dons District” which was released august 2012 through Island Def Jam Digital Distribution and Hosted by South London’s Dj Mykal Million. Now its time for his third Official Mixtape “Tap Vs Rap” with Production from Across the Globe “Trap Vs Rap” will be a pinnacle mixtape in L.Don’s Career so be ready to be apart of this moment

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Track 1) L.Don – Another Year
Track 2) A-Wibz – My Lonely
Track 3) Herbal T – My Paradigm
Track 4) L.Don – Make A Change (ft) Herbal T & Ame Ighile

Houston Texas BlueBoy


Artist Information

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Blueboy’s a man of few words (unless he’s rapping) and a lot of action. He keeps it real at all time and that’s the only type of people he will align himself with. He is THA REALEST lyricist you never heard but is waiting to hear, promise. His style is best describe as a lyrical storyteller that invokes thought and incites crowds with substance filled songs that deal with real life emotions, thoughts, and dreams. He first started rapping during the summer break between 8th and 9th grade after breaking his leg and not knowing if he was going to be able to play football anymore. He was born in Hiram Clarke (Houston, TX) in Oct.’82 where he was the youngest of 5 and lived for 8yrs but after personal hardship he moved to Galveston, TX in Dec.’90. After graduating from Ball High School in 2001 he moved back to Houston and enrolled at Texas Southern University where He major in Electronic Engineering from 2001-2004. While attending school his girlfriend at the time became pregnant with their beautiful daughter and suddenly school was pushed to the side in favor of finding a job to support her. Working a regular job was fine for the time but he wanted and still wants so much more for himself and his daughter. The living check to check thing wasn’t cutting it anymore so shortly after she was born in ’04 he started back writing and recording new songs with a more defined sense of direction and greater desire to become the greatest rapper ever. And before it’s all said and done Blueboy will be.

Blueboy’s current single “See About It” which was self released in the first half of 2012 has received national support from varies dj crews including the Core Djs, Hustle Squad Djs, GO Djs, Fleet Djs, 704 Djs, Drum Squad Djs, Vamplife Djs, Hood Approved Dj’s, BoothPimps, New Music Djs, Definition Djs, ect. which in turn garnered radio play from stations such as Shade 45, Power 92(Chicago, IL), 92Q Jams(Baltimore, MD), WiLD 104.9(Oklahoma City, OK), Foxie 105(Columbus, GA), 97.9 The Box(Houston, TX), Soul 92 Jams(Rocky Mount, NC) & Club 93.7(Flint, MI). The momentum behind Blueboy’s single “See About It” resulted in it peaking at 131 on the Urban Charts…thus far.




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DJ Ice’s Mainstreet Smokin
The Reel Talk Vol. 1
Unique Styles Vol. 14 by Da Hitman
The Goods Vol. 2 by Dj Good Grounds
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Hip Hop Collection Vol. 1 Hosted by Dj Twinn Loco
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One 21 Ten Music Presents The Shortest Month Mixtape
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DJ Currensy Go Hard Or Go Home 15: Back @ It
SXSW Takeover 2013
Legend Mixtapes’ Free Agents Vol. 4

Single’s that are streaming and/or radio airplay:
“See About It”
“Showin Naked Ass”
“No Kin of Mine”
“Im a G”
“My Life”
“Aint No”
“Never Wanna Change”
“No One Else”

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Artist Spotlight: Atlanta’s Own Playboii Nard




Born Kennon Redding, Playboii Nard always knew he would be a star from
the first time he hit the stage at the tender age of six years old. “I
always felt like I was made for this,” Playboii Nard confesses.
Although he feels like he has a style of his own, he doesn’t deny his
musical influences like Hot Boyz, Biggie Smalls, Rakim, Ice Cube,
Eminem, Snoop Dogg, TI, Jay Z,Bone Thugs N Harmony and A Host of others . Playboii Nard wants to take on the music industry from every angle with his plans of performing not only rap but rock as well.

Check out Key – Non & YG Cash – In Da Trap

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For Booking Contact 404-423-0831





On Beat With BMX Beesy



b1Atlanta is now tagged the Hollywood of the south.  With entertainment at an all time high, it’s not hard to miss the diamonds in the ruff in a saturated game of “let’s make a deal”.  That’s unless you stand out….and I didn’t have to go too far for my search of a diamond in the ruff when I went on my search for INK RapStars in Atlanta, my hometown.  Ink is everywhere, and some of your hottest rappers sport the hottest tattoos.  But “hottest” isn’t good enough, because there’s so much talent…you have to be more specific.  You have to think outside the box and pull from it something special, magnificent  and unordinary.  Well, it’s not everyday that you see a BMX/Rockstar/Swag Coach.  Now, top that one.  I’d love to introduce the world to BMX Beesy B..



OTR: There was news that you signed to Nitti Beatz. How did that come about?
Beesy: I met Nitti 2 years ago at a Travis Porter video shoot,we kept in touch and i signed last year
OTR:  How long have you been doing music?
Beesy: I been doing music 9 years
OTR: Do you write your own lyrics?
Beesy: yes i write my own lyrics
OTR: You tag yourself as being a Rockstar, a bmx rider, and a swag coach.  What exactly is a swag coach?
Beesy: a swag coach is a swag instuctor,alota people say im fly but i dont even try,they always ask me for advice on clothes when out shopping or getting dressed,and i give it to em..hence “swag coach”
You’re the founder of #GirlzWithINK. Could you explain what it is, exactly?
Beesy: #GirlzWithINK is a company I started to show the world that tattooed women are beautiful too,and do the same everyday jobs and tasks as the next woman..they have fun and still handle their business at the same time,ink is art and we all know art is beautiful
OTR:. Where did BMX come into your life. Tell us about Beesy, the BMXer.
Beesy: i started riding BMX about 4 years ago,i rode bikes all my life but thats when i really got into the craft of it,its fun and a great stress reliever minus the scratches,bruises,or broken bones you might aquire lol..but its all worth it in the end for the love of BMX


OTR:. What’s your relationship status?


Beesy: I’m single as a pringle lol
OTR:. What made you get into ink the way you have?


Tupac made me get into ink,every since  he got thug life in his stomach i was in love with ink
OTR:  How many tattoos do you have in all?
Beesy: i have about 60 tattoos and counting


OTR: Old Lil Kim or Nikki Minaj? (whatever comes to mind, elaborate on why you chose that person).



I like nikki,i just think shes the dopest female MC ever so far,the way she puts words
 together and compose her songs ids just genius,from her style to her personality i think shes the best female hands down


OTR:, On a typical wind down day, where will we find you and what would you be doing (your pastime favorite)
Beesy: On a typical wind down day you will find me chillin at the crib watchin’family guy lol favorite show ever,lol
OTR: 5 years from now, what do you hope to be doing?
Beesy:  5 years from now i hope to be successful in all my endeavors
and be a billionaire, I’m always gonna be doing something tho,always trying some new adventure. lol

Check out his latest single “Something” Produced by Nitti.


Follow BMX Beesy on twitter @BMXBeesy 
Check out Girlz Wit Ink
Words By Attica Lundy


Who is Dub Bangem?


It is his music and his fight to get better at his craft that keeps him going. Against all odds, Dub Bangem has prevailed  stronger and more faithful with each one of life’s crazy turns.  After being placed on Dialysis 5 years ago, Dub Bangem could have wrapped up his music career. Instead, he turned to his music and allowed the universal language to aid in his healing process.

His style is carefree and “feel-good” with a little bit of southern flavor sprinkled throughout. He is an artistic concoction of hard hits, raw lyricism, and  a little bit of Duval County (Florida).  When you hear the music, you would never guess that the man behind the tunes is currently on the waiting list for a new Kidney. Instead of  letting Dialysis cripple his career, he decided to let it motivate him.

Who is Dub Bangem, really?

BK: Out of everything in the world that you could have become, why a rapper?
dubDB: That’s actually two things. One, I am a writer. I write poetry and there are other things  that I  write as well. I like writing. Sometimes I have a hard time expressing my feelings. It’s just easier to write it down on paper. It just comes naturally to me. I have a God-given talent for making music. That’s the reason why I chose to be a rapper.

BK:When was the moment that you knew you were going to pursue a career in music seriously?
DB: It had to be when I hit high school High school. That’s when I was beginning to realize that I was really good and people really started liking my music. That’s when I really saw that I had a talent.  From there on I thought, “Let me take this thing seriously”. I wanted to see where it would go from there. I knew what I wanted to do by the 9th grade.

BK: What do you strive to accomplish musically?
DB:   My goal musically is to take a risk and let everybody know about the talent that we have in Duval county. We have been slept on. music-wise, we have a whole bunch of talent here that’s real Florida. My goal is to let everyone know how talented Duval county is and to make some money and get away from the struggle. I’m tired of struggling, I want to make some good money and put on for my city

BK:How did you get the name Dub Bangem?
DB: My real name is Derrick Williams. My rap name was D Dub. I took the D off the D. Dub and I was just plain “Dub” for a minute.  Then I am from Duval county and our nickname is “The Bangem” so I just added the Bangem on the end.

BK: If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?
DB: If I weren’t doing music, I would most likely be in the field of journalism. I really wanted to write articles for a newspaper or even run my own paper at one time but I really gotten serious about my music so I kind of put that on the back burner. If  music doesn’t work out for me, I would definitely go into the field of Journalism and write for a Newspaper or even write books.

BK:Since being on Dialysis, how has that changed your life as an artist. How was Dub Bangem before vs. now?
DB: My performances are not as strong as they used to be. Different physical side effects that come with dialysis has affected that. The performances is what has really changed since being on Dialysis. On the other side, I have grown as an artist and my music has gotten better. I’ve learned how to make more music that people can vibe to. I’ve learned to affect the whole crowd verses one demographic.

BK: At any point, did you ever think of giving up did you ever seriously think about giving up on your music?
DB: I’ve been on dialysis for 5 years now. It had to be the second year that I was on dialysis. I had gotten really really sick. I had way too much fluid in my body at one time. I hadn’t had a treatment in like 5 days. I was on a respirator machine. It’s like I had checked out of here. I was doing really really bad. My dad had woke me up and wrote me off. No one thought that I was going to make it. At that point I thought that this was too much and that I didn’t want to do it. But when I made it through, it was like: I’m here for a reason. I felt like that was my calling to continue to do music. After that, I said that I would never let anything discourage me from making music ever again.

BK:How many projects have u released and what is your following like?
DB: I have release one mixtape. It’s called, “ My time is Now”. It did pretty good even though I didn’t sell them. I really just passed them out to let everyone know what time it was and who I was. I have a pretty decent following. It could be better. I have to create more visuals. People don’t get to see me enough. Because of the dialysis, I normally stay in the house most of the time when I’m sick or not feeling good. I am not able to network a lot as much as I should for me to grow my following. I am not seen a lot and that’s something that I have got to work on as well.

BK: What is the next move for Dub Bangem?
DB: I am currently working on my next mixtape. It’s called, “Taking what I deserve”. I’m working on the videos and promotion. I feel like the music is better. I plan to network more and do more shows. The goal is to be seen more.

BK: At the end of the day when everything is said and done, What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want people to remember Dub Bangem?
DB: I want  them to remember me as a real-cool laid back dude. I’m very goofy.  I like to laugh. I like to tell jokes and I like to have a good time. I don’t want people to think of me as a bad guy, i’m a good guy. I’m very kind-hearted. Everyone else that’s around me will pretty much tell you the same thing. I don’t start fights with nobody. I don’t have any beef with anyone. I’m just a cool, laid back dude that just loves making music.

Kidney Disease is the number 8 killer in the United States.  Kidney Disease is becoming more and more prevalent worldwide. At this time, more and more donors are needed. Educate yourself on Kidney Disease and learn how to possible become a donor ——>HERE

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