Yung Gwapa & Mojo Kookin & Juggin Mixtape Review

I advise: before you read this review, if your not an avid fan of trap music, then this is not for you. Yung Gwapa, a native of Chicago’s notorious Englewood neighborhood and hailing from the infamous East Atlanta collaborate to present “Kookin & Juggin” Mixtape. These two upcoming independent heads team up with Dirty Fork DJs own MuzikFene, DJ Trap Official, and 3rdyBaby.

With growing fan bases, these two manage to stay true to the trap recipe and loyal to the roots of the trap sound. With two opposite styles they blend it with well along with ties to the Almighty “Trap God” Gucci Mane these guys keeps the theme official with production from Cassius Jay, TM808, and well chosen arrangements from upcoming producers Bulta Beats and Ed Keels staying real to the authentic trap formula.

The tape begins with the self titled “Kookin & Juggin” tracks. There the original and part two featuring Purpose. I have to be honest, I’m a fan of the original “Kookin & Juggin” track more than second version. The hook on it has me more turned up and also I love original approach to the beat and catchy hook from Gwapa. This is a full blown trap theme and these first two tracks display that.”All My Life” draws more of the reality of trap life. This track features  Big Bank Black from Duct Tape Entertainment. I love that Mojo and Yung Gwapa paint their upcoming which a non fabricated description of street life that majority glorify and more than likely never speak on the consequences or reality of the trap culture. The same is done with the TM808 produced track, “Bando”.

One of my favorite tracks from the tape would be “ShoutOut” featuring Yung Ralph. Gwapa provides the catchy hook along with the high energy production. This track should the street single from the tape due to the strong chemistry on this particular song along with Yung Ralph. Favorites of mine are “NAWFr” and “That’s OK” where they both show off with the flex and finesse style they make look so attractive and easy with their chemistry.

Gwapa again showcases his talents with great hooks. Also I would love to point out that even though Mojo and Yung Gwapa are trap artists, there’s no way you can compare them to anyone in that category.”F**k Up Some Money” has to be to the main single off the “Kookin & Juggin” tape that is radio ready. I’m pretty sure the strip clubs were attacked with this record it- makes sense. Its obvious that Gwapa is the hook man while Mojo provides  the muscle to flex and finesse over heavy 808s and dark synths. In “Bowl Money,” Mojo flexes that muscle tough throughout the tape and delivers a strong and unique presence. I love that he switches up his approach and style on “Know What I Mean”. The Sign Ya Self head honcho shows his more melodic side on the proper canvas.

Overall the tape grew on me while in the process of listening to it . Like any other project I have my favorites and I shed spotlight on the diamond in the rough cuts on the project. The theme definitely holds up to the  brand built around the Mixtape. One thing I was disappointed in was that some of the songs were insanely short. I wanted to hear more included, but this could have been done to keep the attention span of the Hui listener and potential fan on point and sharp. I noticed that Mojo has an particular sound and influence. I would like to refer to him as the Moreland Ave Willie D due to the strong presence given on tracks.

If your a hardcore trap fan it’s a must you download the ” Kookin & Juggin” Mixtape. Holding an all star lineup in the trap world thsi should quench the thrist for new music. Blackheart and Sign Ya Self impact is felt strongly and can’t go unnoticed. I’m actually looking forward to new music from these two. It’s available on LiveMixtapes, Sprinrilla, and DatPiff for FREE DOWNLOAD.

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