Young Lock Rocks The Stage at Jim Porter’s in Louisville, KY

Unpredictable, an unattested style, and undeniably an artist who believes in following his own path. Real Deal Lock has been off the radar to many it seems, but with his grassroot approach to the industry, he attacks what most artists overlook- and that is building not only being a hot artist but also being a longstanding brand. Attacking Bowling Green, Chicago, and other areas around Louisville, The Real Deal 5 Star General also links up with the Academy’s DJ Fresh and Irene The Dream for LocalFest 3 at Jim Porters, a popular nightclub in Louisville, KY. The event was made possible by Tyrant, creator of the LocalFest brand. Tyrant ¬†has been booking Lock since he held his own at LocalFest1. Since then, the Real Deal Made Solid brand has teamed up with DJ Fresh for a future project which makes it his breakout project for Lock.


In preparation for the show, we spoke riding around his hometown Louisville on his involvement with Team Risen and his relationship with On The Rise Magazine. He reflects on previous trips to A3C and Mixtape Mondays in Macon,GA. He stresses that Macon,GA is a small market, but it doesn’t matter when the people genuinely rock with you and “feels like home” quoted the Real Deal General. He speaks about sit down meetings with Cool Runnings and ItsAGoDJ’s own DJ Such N Such. He states the importance of having your business prepared and right in order to be taken seriously.


Lock is a vet to crafting a great show giving crowds entertainment and a show worth paying for. The Real Deal team comes in unison with flyers, posters, and shirts to standout and brand himself in a massive light. Basic yet smart, the techniques draws people to see who is Real Deal Lock and what is all about once he hits the stage. In attendance was Fresh Off’s Cino Fresh and Team 563 Philly Blocks to show support fellow 563 member.


1:30 AM hits,cameras are rolling DJ Fresh gives a massive co sign while Lock takes action and demands the crowd to interact with him. He starts off with an teaser to the intro from upcoming untitled project with DJ Fresh. After drawing all attention on him, he goes up a notch performing “OMG” an classic from the “Returnin From Earnin” project. Staying in the same catalog, Real Deal’s boss man turns all the way up once “Disloyal” drops in Jim Porters getting the club moving. Giving people something new, he performs his new single “Real Deal” produced by TwanBeatMaker. Even while audio difficulties, he still keeps loyal and potential fans entertained up until the music comes back in as if it was apart of the show.


Fresh praises Real Deal Lock again while announcing the upcoming project¬† the two are working on right now. The hard judging hometown greets Lock with support. The Real Deal Made Solid brand is growing rapidly and Lock hasn’t realized the monster he has created. Lock is planning to return back to A3C Festival later this year, but leading up you might find him pulling up ready to work and get his wheels rolling. This is to show that your never too big for or small to perform in front small or big audiences. He is always appreciative of situations to take advantage of. If Real Deal Lock is performing near you, I suggest you go and check him out.


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