You are What You Eat. An Informative Interview with Trazana Staples.

     Truthfully, most people do not take the time to investigate what they are eating. People are typically more likely to buy food based on the price, not on the quality. The problem with just buying food without researching the ingredients is – well, not knowing the ingredients, means not knowing what’s put into the body, and essentially, no knowledge of what’s being eaten. It never ceases to amaze me that most people have the time to check out the hottest video, explore the deepest darkest secrets of celebrity lives, and study the prices of the next pair of Jordans, yet researching food is not on the list of priorities.  Luckily for the world, we here at “On The Rise Magazine” have been on the prowl! We have been investigating! In our latest interview, we caught up with Trazana Staples,


health enthusiast, Raw – Vegan, and over all holistic living expert. Trazana was able to enlighten us on so many ways to enhance quality of life through choice of food.

     Trazana Staples is far more than qualified to inform people on the real deal behind what’s in our food. Once living at 5’4, 325lbs, Trazana dealt with a plethora of health issues. She was faced with the decision of Life or Death;  it was then, in 2007, when Trazana decided to Simply Live.  She quickly learned a healthier way of eating to ensure that she would live for longer. “I definitely had to be here for my family.” She says, admitting her need to eat healthier as a necessity. She has six grandchildren and two children. 

     Trazana began growing her own garden and went totally cold turkey on eating out. She immediately eliminated meat from her diet.  She dedicated her mission to understanding the science of food as a medicine. She quickly and safely lost over 140lbs, all with her own research. She took her time and explored all the necessary tools to discover cures for plaguing illnesses in food. Today, Trazana educates people daily through Another Avenue Cultural Resource Center, an organization she founded to incorporate her own findings about nutritional wellness with outreach programs to enrich community involvement.

     Trazana prides herself in taking charge of her life and researching so much that “I actually went back to school,” stated proudly, “and graduated last year with my Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy, mainly because for me, food is the portal to my spirituality, but food is also the portal to life as we know it; and most of us, the majority of us, we’ve forgotten how to be healthy we’ve forgotten how to eat healthy.” It’s certainly evident that Trazana is gifted and knowledgeable. Immediately, we were interested and intrigued in what else Trazana could tell us about! And we all know we had questions! We have already been participating in the #30DaysInTheRaw Challenge, so our enlightenment has already begun. We have been researching, so we couldn’t wait to pick her brain!

OTR Angel- “How would you classify yourself in terms of diet?”

Trazana Staples- “I eat mostly vegan, most vegans eat raw, but I am not that strict. Since I have moved to N.E. Ohio, I started including fish in my lifestyle. I will probably eat fish about once a month. I am a pescetarian, a vegetarian who eats fish.”


OTR Angel- “What type of fish is safe to eat?”

Trazana Staples- “I eat Red Snapper, Grouper, Black Bass, White Bass, mostly salt water fish.”


OTR Angel- “What type of fish do you think is worst to eat?”

Trazana Staples- “I don’t do much Salmon because there is legislation to enter genetically modified salmon into the water.”


OTR Angel- “Where would you buy good salt water fish?”

Trazana Staples- “Actually, I wouldn’t buy fish, normally, there are people that I know that are fishermen. Everything I buy really comes from the Farmer’s Market anyway. Sometimes, you can find salt water fish there.”

     Speaking with Trazana Staples intimately attaches to the souls of those looking for mental clarity through diet. She preaches to others not to necessarily take on the vegan or vegetarian approach to health, rather than the complete elimination of meat that has been genetically modified. It’s quite simple, “you are what you eat.” If the hamburger that you are eating was once a cow that was fed harmful steroids and was genetically modified, what do you think will happen to you? Simple enough. Humans have been ingesting animals that are posing dangerous health concerns. The best meat to eat is from the animals that an individual has personally raised and fed to avoid chemical compounds.

     Trazana also enlightens on the dangers of fluoride. Apparently, last February, the FDA labeled as a toxic chemical. According to, fluoride harms children of melanin disproportionately more than their Caucasian counter parts. Interesting huh? Fluoride has been seemingly great for our smiles, but recently, it has been found that fluoride attributes to cancer, Alzheimer’s, weakened enamel, osteoporosis, lowered I.Q., as well as reproductive issues. Fluoride is in tap water as well, so the health expert suggests drinking alkaline, filtered, and spring water.  Trazana is insistent that people become more informed and is always willing to lend a helping hand in the name of enlightenment. Staples urges people to read labels to determine what is in our food. She has declared that people often overlook the labels, although the Congress passed the Food Labeling Bill in January 2014 (a bill passed into legislation that ensure consumers are aware of the actual ingredients of food) to notify shoppers what’s really in the food.

Trazana is firm that anything processed is harmful. She is certain that all processed food can cause health ailments because no one knows how long it’s been in packaging, the food is likely to be microwaved, and genetically modified foods are on the rise.  She also informed about soy, the substitution for meat for vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarians often substitute soy products for meat in their diet, but, “Soy was originally tested as fuel,” Trazana notifies us, in an effort to encourage individual research. She explains that after soy is taken out of its natural form and genetically modified that “It’s just a white glob of something and you can use it and cook it and it takes on any flavor.” Soy products are associated with health risks such as thyroid dysfunction, cancer, and more. . According to Trazana, moderation is the key to soy consumption if at all necessary.

    Trazana Staples is by far the most informative liaison between life as we know it and life as it should be through healthy eating. She has brought to light valuable jewels on what to eat, what not to eat and why, where to shop, and who is undeserving of endorsements. She also informed us of well known brands (ie: Tom’s of Maine, Kaschi, Naked Juice, and Boca Burger) that claim to be wholesome, organic, and natural yet they have sold their companies to larger companies who now have freedom to add ingredients that are inconsistent with the original ingredients that made them wholesome, organic, and natural in the first place.

     “You are what you eat.” A phrase commonly heard, yet rarely appreciated.  Most people are satisfied with fast food, quick choices, hasty selections, and last minute meal deals, all potential health hazards which can cause death. Trazana urges people to know what’s in the food that they are eating, research, see where it came from, ask questions, and make a stance to eliminate impurities within individual dieting habits. Trazana’s strong will and tenacity is revered as she has given up all of these options for a life of preparing food, shopping around locally at whatever Farmer’s Market is available, obliterating meat and anything from a four legged animal from her diet, and meditation.  Honestly, now-a-days, it is nearly impossible to ingest, apply, or take anything into one’s body without assuming the risk detrimental side effects. Luckily for anyone reading this article, it’s not too late to save your life and adjust your diet. Stay tuned for more info on how to live longer, healthier, and happier!

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