Wit It By Natural Red Hip Hop Star And Actress


On June 15, 2016 I had my first ON THE RISE RADIO telephone interview set up with Natural Red. This was unfortunately during the time of my move, and with being in and out of the wifi zone and not always near my laptop, I had to cancel.  Unfortunately at the last minute, too. This was a really important interview for me, too, because it was the first press day event I’d planned on doing in a while since my last relapse with multiple sclerosis, so you can imagine my disappointment.  I did state that I’d reschedule though, which I intend on doing soon.

Natural Red really caught my eye when I saw her video, and that’s why I really wanted to still go ahead and do this placement, at least. She has a very strong presence when it comes to the screen, and very believable.


Who is Natural Red the Rapper? If you were to take the lyrical skill and word play of MC Lyte, mix it with the rough and tough edge of The Lady of Rage and add a dash of the sexy sophistication of Eve, the out come would be Natural Red. This Oklahoma City native, currently residing in Long Beach, has been holding her own in Cali’s music scene. She has made a permanent mark on the West Coast with many performances and collaborations with known and unknown artist. Her raw talent has allowed her to be embraced by the West Coast as one of their own, following in the footsteps of such artist as Lady of Rage, Kurupt and Tupac. She has even been featured in the UGG West Coast Female Cypher videos, which features legendary west coast female emcees such as, Sylk E. Fyne, Knehi (5Footaz), Big Chan (Doggy Angels), and Ms. Toi (You can do it).

She has recently worked with Brother J of X-Clan, Battle Cat, Sir Jinx, Goldie Loc of the Eastsidaz, YukMouth of The Luniz, E White of the Dogg Pound and many more. 

She was also nominated for the Female Hip Hop Honors “She Got Next” award in 2014.

Her upcoming independent debut entitled “The Velvet Hammer”, which is scheduled to drop in October, is one of the most anticipated releases by a female rap artist ever.” The music industry has long awaited an artist of this caliber. Her impression on the industry will last a lifetime.

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