Who Is Southside Dunny?

Edited by Attica Lundy Cooper
Southside Dunny was born and spent his early years in Patterson New, Jersey. He currently makes his home in  Georgia. His industry name was given to him because he was an “up-north kid” who landed in the south.
Dunny says his earliest recollection of music was “listening to his parents record, classic R&B rock from the 70’s; and disco from the 80’s when I should have been asleep.”
Today, he plays the keyboard and says among his talents are putting pain into words. “I keep my ear to the streets,”he adds.”When I perform live, it’s a connection; shared energy between beat crowd and vocals.”
Growing up, Southside Dunny says he witnessed struggles of every day life that people seldom see. Entertaining was his outlet.  
After performing in a Shakespeare play as a 5th grader, Southside Dunny says he was inspired to pursue a music career. By middle school, he began entering rap and other performing arts competitions.
Southside Dunny works with major and underground producers but says he has 100% creative control over his music and productions. His fan clubs and street teams are managed by Greedy Gutz. He has 5 mix tapes, each project taking about 6 months to complete.
Although he loves listening to jazz, he developed a passion for producing hip hop and southern soul music. He first performed Movin’ Onin 2002. He describes the single as an epic tale of his rising.
“My songs are about life events and the visuals we see daily,” he says. “It’s a look into the mirror with music.”
Southside Dunny says he is using his image and brand to illustrate how his struggles gave him strength. He says he has traveled state to state and as far as Louisiana in minivans “grinding, broke, but on a mission.”

“I’m the young black man trying to make it in a positive way.” he explains. “My image is the mirror of what everyone sees daily. I am you. I want to tell everyone to work hard and do what you love.”

Dunny says that his immediate, music career goals include increasing his writing and promotion, creating a lane for lyrical hip hop, and directing more of the industry’s attention to the underground artist. When asked how he wanted to be remembered, he said, “For loving his family and making music.”

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