Who Is Radio Syheem?

Created in North Philly, in the spring of 1984.. Radio Syheem was born into Ronald Reagan’s America. Growing up in the dangerous, poverty stricken Strawberry Mansion Section, Syheem’ s family didn’t have much, but they did have respect, morals, and dignity, everlasting virtues of life that make him the gentleman he is today. His parents and siblings always had some sort of music or movie on, and naturally took an interest to entertainment and sports. Radio began writing raps in college while enrolled at Florida State University. His first college essay was on the movie, Do The Right Thing. The first time seeing the film, it was an eye opener for him. Syheem grew up in diverse neighborhoods throughout his school years, and was the only black boy in his school from 2nd to 6th grade. Race relations always intrigued Radio, and seeing that Spike Lee joint just peeked his interest. A year and 12 credits later, he got dismissed from school, and back to square one. At this point in life, Sy didn’t really know what his calling was. Working dead end jobs to pay for rent and studio time was a common theme throughout much of his 20’s. Ultimately, he felt like an underachiever. A let down. A disappointment to his family. First generational college student, blew a chance at Florida State, because he couldn’t stop partying and get to class. For a long time, it seemed as if, from the outside looking in; that he was not aware of his self worth. Then came UFO. One night, Sy and a couple of his closest friends and musical collaborators, formed the rap group, 215UFO, UFO standing for Unique From Ordinary. The group recorded songs together and performed them at the local clubs in and around Philly. Then came the realization that the group needed music videos. Syheem took a few basic digital design courses in High School, and per the request of group member Khyri, he was nominated to become the in house camera man. Khyri immediately then invested into a standard definition camera, and that is when his film making journey began.

Check out Syheem’s radio debut on ON THE RISE RADIO’S MUSIC ,MODELS, and MAYHEM


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