Who is Dub Bangem?

It is his music and his fight to get better at his craft that keeps him going. Against all odds, Dub Bangem has prevailed  stronger and more faithful with each one of life’s crazy turns.  After being placed on Dialysis 5 years ago, Dub Bangem could have wrapped up his music career. Instead, he turned to his music and allowed the universal language to aid in his healing process.

His style is carefree and “feel-good” with a little bit of southern flavor sprinkled throughout. He is an artistic concoction of hard hits, raw lyricism, and  a little bit of Duval County (Florida).  When you hear the music, you would never guess that the man behind the tunes is currently on the waiting list for a new Kidney. Instead of  letting Dialysis cripple his career, he decided to let it motivate him.

Who is Dub Bangem, really?

BK: Out of everything in the world that you could have become, why a rapper?
dubDB: That’s actually two things. One, I am a writer. I write poetry and there are other things  that I  write as well. I like writing. Sometimes I have a hard time expressing my feelings. It’s just easier to write it down on paper. It just comes naturally to me. I have a God-given talent for making music. That’s the reason why I chose to be a rapper.

BK:When was the moment that you knew you were going to pursue a career in music seriously?
DB: It had to be when I hit high school High school. That’s when I was beginning to realize that I was really good and people really started liking my music. That’s when I really saw that I had a talent.  From there on I thought, “Let me take this thing seriously”. I wanted to see where it would go from there. I knew what I wanted to do by the 9th grade.

BK: What do you strive to accomplish musically?
DB:   My goal musically is to take a risk and let everybody know about the talent that we have in Duval county. We have been slept on. music-wise, we have a whole bunch of talent here that’s real Florida. My goal is to let everyone know how talented Duval county is and to make some money and get away from the struggle. I’m tired of struggling, I want to make some good money and put on for my city

BK:How did you get the name Dub Bangem?
DB: My real name is Derrick Williams. My rap name was D Dub. I took the D off the D. Dub and I was just plain “Dub” for a minute.  Then I am from Duval county and our nickname is “The Bangem” so I just added the Bangem on the end.

BK: If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?
DB: If I weren’t doing music, I would most likely be in the field of journalism. I really wanted to write articles for a newspaper or even run my own paper at one time but I really gotten serious about my music so I kind of put that on the back burner. If  music doesn’t work out for me, I would definitely go into the field of Journalism and write for a Newspaper or even write books.

BK:Since being on Dialysis, how has that changed your life as an artist. How was Dub Bangem before vs. now?
DB: My performances are not as strong as they used to be. Different physical side effects that come with dialysis has affected that. The performances is what has really changed since being on Dialysis. On the other side, I have grown as an artist and my music has gotten better. I’ve learned how to make more music that people can vibe to. I’ve learned to affect the whole crowd verses one demographic.

BK: At any point, did you ever think of giving up did you ever seriously think about giving up on your music?
DB: I’ve been on dialysis for 5 years now. It had to be the second year that I was on dialysis. I had gotten really really sick. I had way too much fluid in my body at one time. I hadn’t had a treatment in like 5 days. I was on a respirator machine. It’s like I had checked out of here. I was doing really really bad. My dad had woke me up and wrote me off. No one thought that I was going to make it. At that point I thought that this was too much and that I didn’t want to do it. But when I made it through, it was like: I’m here for a reason. I felt like that was my calling to continue to do music. After that, I said that I would never let anything discourage me from making music ever again.

BK:How many projects have u released and what is your following like?
DB: I have release one mixtape. It’s called, “ My time is Now”. It did pretty good even though I didn’t sell them. I really just passed them out to let everyone know what time it was and who I was. I have a pretty decent following. It could be better. I have to create more visuals. People don’t get to see me enough. Because of the dialysis, I normally stay in the house most of the time when I’m sick or not feeling good. I am not able to network a lot as much as I should for me to grow my following. I am not seen a lot and that’s something that I have got to work on as well.

BK: What is the next move for Dub Bangem?
DB: I am currently working on my next mixtape. It’s called, “Taking what I deserve”. I’m working on the videos and promotion. I feel like the music is better. I plan to network more and do more shows. The goal is to be seen more.

BK: At the end of the day when everything is said and done, What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want people to remember Dub Bangem?
DB: I want  them to remember me as a real-cool laid back dude. I’m very goofy.  I like to laugh. I like to tell jokes and I like to have a good time. I don’t want people to think of me as a bad guy, i’m a good guy. I’m very kind-hearted. Everyone else that’s around me will pretty much tell you the same thing. I don’t start fights with nobody. I don’t have any beef with anyone. I’m just a cool, laid back dude that just loves making music.

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  1. Thats what’s up! Great Interview I’m proud of you. Continue to grind boo its your time..

  2. This is my nephew and I can say that Derrick/ Dub bangem has always been true to his self and he don’t let others dictate or define who he is, All I want to say is I’m so proud of you for going after your wants through it all God have your back keep your faith…..Proud aunt sending my love

  3. Tammie Williams (mom dukes). To my son Derrick (Dub Bangem). I am so proud of you !. Continue to trust in GOD that he will bless you with the strength and motivation to succeed in all your goals and accomplishments. what I want the world to know about my son is thru all his trials and tribulations with his Kidney Disease, he has the biggest heart, he Loves people, he is quite the comedian, he is very talented, and a very respectful young man. (YourTime Is Now Son!). Moma Loves You!

  4. Eric Williams (Peebo). To my son Derrick (Dub Bangem). I always new their was something special about my son. He has been written since the age of 10 yrs old. It wasn’t until high school when I stated entering him in poetry contests which he won a few, that’s when I realize my son have true talent. Son, don’t give up on life because GOD have something good in-store for you. In my eyes, you are already famous!. (Your Time Is Now!) Dad Loves You !

  5. Wow,what an awesome article and very positive for all, young and old. Derrick is a very good person and I have known him all his life. I am so proud to see him stay strong and positive.And to help influence young people to go for their dreams and showcase your God-given talent at all times. We love you Dub Bangem here in the Tampa area. May God bless you always.. Love ya…Nechole and the Tampa,Florida Crew…

  6. Hey Cuz, I’m so proud of you. I didn’t know we had talent in our family :)now I see we have a STAR and thats you. Keep your headup and keep PRAYING and GOD will make a way for everything… Love ya….The Johnson Family (Tampa, FL)

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