On our search for modeling agencies that are fairly new, and therefore more acceptable to the On The Rise community, we came across one specifically for darker skinned male and female models.  It’s said to be the first of it’s kind in the world.


Well, at least that’s what their twitter timeline says .


BlackBone Divas Inc. is an organization that was formed to be the platform for dark skinned women and men to not only be seen but be heard. Their mission is to
recruit, promote, and produce dark skinned beauty to the world. To inspire young women to carry themselves as the beauty queens they are. To create an atmosphere where “The last will be first!”

BlackBone Divas Inc. was formed in 2010 by a determined and vivacious “DIVA” named Sharrie R. Brown, who made it her passion to stand up to the WORLD and represent her beautiful “EBONY” sisters and brothers.
BlackBone Divas Inc. is an organization that symbolizes success, educated, talented, and inspirational dark skinned women and men that are from all around the GLOBE and comes from very distinctive backgrounds: such as models, photographers, artists (visual & creative), athletes, etc…
We are a “Positive and Elevating” organization that promotes and spreads the word that “BEAUTY COMES IN ALL SHADES!”



**BlackBone Divas Inc. will represent women in an up-style beauty not just about the shape of that woman. We promote brains as well as beauty. They promote growth as well as a positive outlook on life. Click on the flyer above to connect with them on facebook.


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