Chains Video review Usher ft Nas and Bibi Bourelly by Ifeelya

Edited by Attica Lundy Cooper

   We live within a nation where every race in this boiling pot  is threatened, scared,unsure,and some unaware of what’s happening in front of their eyes. Our government system consisting of shaky decision makers with morally poor judgement mixed with law enforcers and our own people taking lives left and right it’s safe to say that  Revolutionary change is happening and everyone is taking part in it whether they want to or not. Amongst  many of people Usher releases his video message to the world expressing his feelings on the matter.  “Chains”  Filmed by “Film The Future”   loaded with black and white frames and  a strong story line about the killings going on in our communities. Usher puts together a “Powerful” piece of art.

In the beginning you hear German singer-songwriter  Bibi Bourelly   chanting  “imma get mine you should  get yours to. Shootin Shootin shootin man them boys always shoot”  opening the video  with powerful scenes of people dressed to  represent the lives of victims of hate crimes such as a hooded  Treyvon Martin. He also uses scenes from a historic church “Basilica of our Lady of Perpetual help”  located In Brooklyn New York. Depicting him walking through his own funeral after being shot.

The video had great 3second shots of clay chains,handcuffs,and guns breaking as they hit the ground breaking into pieces representing the need to break the current cycle.  I love the fact that a bunch of theatrical effects were not needed. You can feel the emotion in this video and Usher makes sure he sends a clear message to all about the injustice in the government system. With lines like “Dont act like your saving us it’s still the same” and ” lets keep it 100 you gave the name to us ” (nigga)

Featured is legendary hip hop artist Nas and he definitely killed his verse in this song. Another powerful soul who you know will deliver with no questions asked. Giving respect to the greats such as Booker T. Washington and sugar ray Robinson.  He makes it a point to say he is not just someone to fill your quota speaking out against the police crimes. And chose not to be present in the video and yet it made it even stronger just having his spirit there. There was even a shot where a young boy was basically saying his lines for him. Great work!

Usher has produced an amazing piece of art and I love how he’s using his artists platform to raise awareness and speak out to the world about what’s going on. This is definitely going to be on replay in my book. And I hope people listen to this and not just think about what’s going on but actually take mature ACTION to change and dissolve the cycle we love in. History repeats itself but change is inevitable. Ya feel me?

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