Models exist everywhere, but typically you see the “standard” model with the bikini or lingerie  the eye candy models, the video vixens, etc in a world where less [clothing] is best. After all, sex sells. Well, honestly, sex doesn’t sell in all communities.  So cultures find showing bare skin highly offensive.

Not so at Underwraps Agency. It is the FIRST global agency representing the Muslim female fashion model.

A seasoned roster, each model brings a modest, genuine, smart, savvy, professional attitude, combined with an ethical sensibility that makes “it work”.

Muslim Fashion has had an influence in the industry for years—with stylings gracing the covers of magazines such as Vogue; to recent model successes Hanaa Ben Abdesslem (Tunisian) and Hindi Sahlial (Moroccan) who bring diversity to the catwalk. Islam has also provided inspiration for noteworthy designers including Victoria Beckham (for her Fall/Winter 2012 line).

UNDERWRAPS is creating a fusion of Inclusion—creating the best of both worlds.

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