Ill mega.

Ill mega aka mega born in Jamaica came to the UK in 1993.always loved music as a child and wanted to be involved 1 way or the other. lived in North West London Stonebridge were I started to hang out with friends, there I started doing freestyles and making riddims with anything we can with our hands chilling in or outside the blocks. I went to a high school which has produced a lot of artist and sounds. I was interested in playing a sound and hosting, I was apart of a sound called Java nuclear for over 13 years. I started recording music in 2006 after doing drama for 3 years which involve me writing songs and performing. I got so much good feed back which encouraged me to start recording songs and sharing with the public. I’m a versatile artist who specialize in Reggae & Dancehall and I’m up and ready for any kind of music. I’ve done lots of open mics events and small gigs. I’ve worked with artist like Dark angel,G Starr,Gappy Ranks,K Koke,Fire Fly,Mosskeynotes,Icesis Productions,NW2 Productions and also Rebel world music..


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