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L Don cover
L Don cover


L.Don is a Uk Rapper Born from North West London.  He began Rapping at the tender age of 9 after being in his uncles “Ruff Cutt” studio. After studying and excelling in the skill of writing, L Don entered his first competitions where he came third. At age 15 he and child hood friend Herbal T joined forces to create K.R.T which stands for (Kings of The Round ).

A rap duo that was later signed to independent lable U1. After being signed to U1 they quickly learned how to actually make songs with 16 bars verses and 8 bar hooks and were able to explore different flows and rhyme patterns. When he reached the age 18, he and other artists who were signed to U1 created A.Kz, a sub group for the younger members of U1 (C-Notes, Masai Warrior & Marcus Garvey)  releasing 2 official mixtapes and performing at shows up and down the country with artists Like Sway, Sincere, Skinny Man, Klashnekoff, Lethol Bizzle, Rodney P & Skits. Then L.Don & Herbal T released there long overdue K.R.T Official Mixtape “Na Mesa Redonda We Trust” which sold over 2000 copies in Two Months. They also toured with Queens Bridge rapper Cormega and Then went on to release 2 other Mixtape “Invading Miami & On The North West Side” Both mixtapes did very well.

December 2009 L.Don released his frst Solo Official Mixtape entitled “Don Status” which Sold 1000 copies in a Month. He also released his first online video which was widely recieved and to his surprise was put on and to this day is still the highest viewed UK Artist with 220,000 views before youtube took it down due to lyrical content and partual nudity. He released Freeload 1 which would be his last release on U1 Entertainment. After Parting ways with U1 He and Herbal T created there own Record Label called Redonda Records. After getting the blue print from U1 L.Don brought a New name to the table. Another Child hood friend by the name of A-Wibz which has become one of North West London’s Rising stars. L.Don then released Freeload 2 and dropped a fan made video for his Track “Booty Do Tricks” which received over 300,000 views on youtube and got him recognized by DefJam Records. He didnt get a recoerd deal but he got Digital Distribution for his label. So he started working on his 2nd Solo Official Mixtape “Dons District” which was released august 2012 through Island Def Jam Digital Distribution and Hosted by South London’s Dj Mykal Million. Now its time for his third Official Mixtape “Tap Vs Rap” with Production from Across the Globe “Trap Vs Rap” will be a pinnacle mixtape in L.Don’s Career so be ready to be apart of this moment

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Track 1) L.Don – Another Year
Track 2) A-Wibz – My Lonely
Track 3) Herbal T – My Paradigm
Track 4) L.Don – Make A Change (ft) Herbal T & Ame Ighile


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