UK Connection Presents: Intrestin Fabric

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[For immediate release]

London, UK

IN-TRESTIN FABRIC [I.F],   THE MOST IN-TRESTIN CLOTHING LINE ON THE IN-TRESTIN FABRIC, is the casual men’s and women’s clothing line forged in the heart of London for open minded professionals and in-trestin people alike. [IF] stands out from the average, does not follow convention takes into account and matches the beliefs of IN-TRESTIN. Hence forth the IN-TRESTIN FABRIC ethos was born, which is… “Life is IN-TRESTIN so should the clothes you wear…”

if pic 1IN-TRESTIN FABRIC is a brand that embraces all that is IN-TRESTIN. Driven to promote positivity, [IF] has created a brand endorsing those who aspire for the professional lifestyle. Whether you are self-employed, employed or working towards a profession, [IF] celebrates working hard and enjoying yourself whatever your field may Influenced by the many cultures that frequent as well as reside within London, IN- TRESTIN FABRIC are far from conformists to convention. Music, comic art, cinema and of course people are major inspirations in the design process. IN-TRESTIN FABRIC sets out to compel the wearer to question the designs and to speak of them in any surroundings, whether it is professional or casual.

The clothing is meant to create dialogue between people and through the artistry of the designs provoke excitement where applicable and calm where there is chaos. It is also meant to challenge the wearer to be themselves as we believe there is non-more in-trestin than the individual. NOUN: “SOMETHING THAT CONCERNS, INVOLVES, DRAWS THE ATTENTION OF, OR AROUSES THE CURIOSITY OF A PERSON” VERB: “TO CAUSE TO TAKE A PERSONAL CONCERN OR SHARE; INDUCE TO PARTICIPATE: TO IN-TREST A PERSON IN AN ENTERPRISE” “We are going to make the world a whole lot more IN-TRESTIN” “They may want us to play by their rules but that wouldn’t be very IN-TRESTIN”.

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