UK Connection Presents Aaron Kedar

Bongo 2

Highly rated on the worldwide Roots Reggae scene, Aaron Kedar’s


previous credits include working with Ruff Cutt, the Sun cycle crew


and even the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Now breaking out as


a solo artist in his own right, the North London-based Rastafarian


singer is now ready to bring his shrewd social commentary and huge


vocal melodies to a bigger audience.


A wise nature is certainly a bonus for a lyricist who keenly observes


the world around him. Consistently stretching his curious mind and


analyzing his viewpoints, Kedar hopes hard-line topics like the fate


of Africa as a nation or outsider politics in the UK can sit side-byside with party vibe songs. “The music should always help people


feel good, even if they have something to think about when they get


home,” Kedar says.


Stepping up to the mantle as a prominent artist in his own right,


Kedar says it’s still thrilling when he plays live shows with his band.


“I’ve played a lot of gigs over the last 10 years, all over, in Germany,


France, Switzerland, Grenada, Jamaica, UK, Spain and EXIT festival


in Serbia.


Bongo Kanny Live Interview with Inner Circle @ Innacityfm Radio


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