UK Connection: Matik


Matik born and raised in the North of London is an exciting talented and diverse artist who
has no limits regarding creativity. His Debut Mixtape “Hear My Sincerity” has so far gained
him a lot of interest from various Producers, fellow artists and radio stations including a
feature on a Movie Soundtrack for Danny Dyer and Martin Kemp (The Rapture.)
A self confessed charmer he has an engaging nature and a way with words which are greatly
reflected in his music. His unique delivery and versatility compliment each other well and his
style despite very technical at times is easy to digest.


Definitely one to watch from now on and into the near future Matik who is part of a musical
collective named Badside UK, aims to master his craft further and raise the levels of an
already healthy UK Music scene. “WATCH THIS SPACE”.

MaTiK – More Than What Meets The Eye :
MaTiK – Wasted Time :
MaTiK – FmL Freestyle :
MaTiK – Hear My Sincerity **Mixtape**

Catch me on Twitter: @mr_matik

New Ep: ”Tainted Perfection’ out end of March 2013

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