UK Connection Letter of Intro From Skatta Official


SkattaOfficial is his name.  He is an UK artist with a story to tell.  Back in 2008, he started out in the Genre of UK Grime’. He did some songs with a friend called Hezron at a local artists house named LURKAH.  They began making a few songs just to get a reputation but nothing came of it at that time.

In early 2009, he progressed.  One day he was walking home from school with his girlfriend and LURKAH shouted to him “I’ve got an mc name for you” and told him ” your name is ‘Skatta Kid'”.  The name stuck and fit him perfectly.   Later on that year that he worked hard making truck loads of underground grime music with a lot of different artist from his city and got a lot of friends involved such as Kronic , Autherize. (Coventry) WEST MIDLANDS. In the summer of 2009 SkattaKid & Paranoize met a group called REAL TALK MOVEMENTS they liked their style and what they were doing with their music , and H of RTM asked them to go to the studio after school one day to get a song done , and they did .  They  met the likings of Krisis , Cmo ,Lil , JBeezie , Parker , A Kid, And others of the team we made this song it featured Skatta Paranoize Ft. Krisis & Cmo.  It Was A Banger.

Later that night Paranoize  asked H if they could join the crew, and they did.  After being in the group for a few years, and dealing with the members of the group all growing up, getting jobs, and fading away from the music and grime scene.  The members were fading, and it was then the re-emergeing of Skatta came…this time with a new style new flow new genre new attitude he renamed himself SkattaOfficial.

On The Rise UK Connection Received a letter of intro from Skatta Official.

SkattaOfficial: “I Started Music Again After Going To A MAC MILLER Show With ChildHood Friend Jay Junior @OneDopeCookie On Twitter The Show Was So Inspirational It Made Me Think Music Is Still In My Blood And Made Me Look At Life Like This Is What I Wanted To Do Ect. May 2012 I Wrote Better (Remix) Ft. Krisis , And Fans Were Feeling The Vibe So Then We Bought Out Invincible (Remix) And Got A Big Buzz Off It , So I Decided To Work On A Mixtape Called The Misfit As I Dont Fit In I Decided Misfit Will Be The Name Of My First Mixtape. Download The Misfit At After I released the tape , we came to an agreement between @SkattaOfficial @KrisisXYNDC & @Saint1994 that we would create a movement/label kinda thing so we did but we was stuck for a name so I jumbled up a load of letters in my head and was like XYNDC I thought I was quite catchy so I put a word to each letter and came out with XTRA YOUNG ND DONT CARE because were all xtra young Nd dont care what people think unless its positive , so it came along nice then my other brother in grime Kronic started hiphop from being a grime artist and we recruited him to the team and is now bring out a mixtape called COMMERCIAL CONTENT PART 1.   That’s all you can know for now so keep your eyes pealed.  Skatta Official Is Working On Mixtape Number 2 Set To Launch Early 13 Called The Colours This Mixtape Will Do The Explaining That The Misfit Didn’t So Stay Tuned We Hope To Blow In The Next Couple Of Years Because Anything Is Possible.  To Be Continued On Our Journey.”

Youtube: SkattaOfficial



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