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Nes is making her come back finally after taking some time out to concentrate on her acting career she is back to doing her first love singing and song writing. Her diverse passion for music has allowed her to assemble a fusion of modern electro-synth sounds with ethnic percussion sounds to create her very own edgy but urban pop sound.

Nes was born in Tetouan/Morocco and moved to Germany at the age of three with her Parents where she currently resides.


At the age of six she tragically lost her sight through an operation going bad, But due to her strong will and relentless attitude she became used to her situation and learnt how to manage it with the support of her parents and family.

Nes has a very positive personality an appetite for seizing the moment, very outgoing, self-confident and a very easy person to get along with. Some would say she strong headed, Nes is confident in decisions and her independency is something she cherishes.


“Everybody is different. Some have more and some have less. I just do my thing the best I can and that’s all that matters.”


Her first record deal was a development deal at the age of 15 two years later she became a member of the girl group Naughty But Nice and released Keep Talking 2001 and One Night Stand 2002 which both got air play on international radio stations, but subsequently due to personality differences within the group they split within a two year period. Shortly after graduating from school Nes being determined as she is went straight back to her singing career but this time persuade a solo career adding song writer to her résumé.

In the same year Nes got asked to host a radio show within 3 months she became a regular face on TV with her own Music Television show.

In 2007 Nes decided to move to London and record with producers such as Davinche & G.I. and a few more to help her further develop her sound and her ambitions of having a more international presence.

INNOCENT (lyrics) Nes Choo Ft L.I.Double




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