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Tammy Washington, Transformational Speaker, Coach and Author, is dedicated to helping you NAIL your dreams.   As the author of the new book “Nailed It!  Be It, Do It, Achieve It!” Tammy has always had a passion for seeking all that life has to offer and bringing others along the way.

Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Transformational Leadership, she gives straight-forward yet fun advice to take  you to your next level.

Hailng from the small town of Elloree, South Carolina,,Tammy Washington is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!).  She is a member of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority Incorporated, and the creator of Breaking Into YOU workshops, which helps Success Seekers release their past while creating a better future.

Tammy has trained and coached thousands across the nation.  Will you be next?                  Success is a choice, not coincidence!

1.) Hello, Tammy. How are you today?
I am wonderful and loving life.
2.) I see that you’re a woman of many talents. Tell the readers about yourself.
I often refer to myself as a small town girl living in the big city of LA.  I’m originally from a small town in South Carolina, but have been living in Los Angeles for the past 8 years.  As a Transformational speaker and author I am dedicated to helping others reach their dreams, and recently authored my first book called Nailed It!.
3.) Why did you choose to get into the fields you’re in?
I’ve always had a passion for personal development and I love helping others see their own potential.  As a speaker and author I get the opportunity to help more and more people every single day.
4.) Tell us about your latest book.
Nailed It! Be It, Do It, Achieve It! is a transformational guide helping you to understand what’s holding you back, and puts you on track to live the life of your dreams.
5.) You said you’re a coach, author, and speaker. What do you enjoy about being each one of three?
As a coach, I have the opportunity to work with individuals one-on-one.  With such an intimate interaction I can help people to reach deeper into themselves to target the changes that need to happen in their mindset and in their actions.
As an author I’m able to reach people all over the world.  I’ve gotten amazing emails from people across the country stating how the book is helping them to step out of their comfort zones.  I couldn’t do that if I had not written the book.
As a speaker I am able to live my true passion.  When you speak to a group of people there is an electrifying energy that can be created through everyone’s experience.  I always leave the stage feeling that I’m using my God-given talents.
6.) How do mange to juggle so much of what you do?
LOL, I have daily to-do lists that are posted every where.
7.) Who inspires you?
Wow, there are so many people I look up to from Oprah and Michelle Obama to amazing speakers like Brene Brown, Les Brown, and Wayne Dyer.  I really have to say my parents and my family inspire me very much.  They always told my sisters and I that we could be what ever we wanted be, and it encourages me to constantly keep going.
8.) Where do you see yourself in the next several years?
In the next few years I will definitely write another book as well as host nation-wide empowerment conferences that inspire the world.
9.) What is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is what we in corporate America call “throwing someone under the bus.”   When we attempt to make others look bad or feel bad, it is really a reflection on the fact that we do not realize that we are all one.
10.) Tell us about the latest projects you’re working on.
I am currently organizing the Nailed It! College Empowerment Tour.  A ten city tour aimed at empowering women at historically black colleges and universities.
11.) A coach, author, or speaker, is there a celebrity you’d like to work with? If so, tell us why?
It has always been my dream to sit on Oprah’s couch.  She has been such an inspiration through the years.  I love everything she is promoting with the OWN Network.
12.) What do many people do not know about you?
People always ask if I get nervous when I speak in front of audiences.  They assume because I love it, that means I don’t get nervous.  I do get nervous.  There are times when I am even afraid to follow my own dreams, but I push forward because I know there is gift that I am supposed to bring to the world.
13.) What is your advice to people who are in need of encouragement and advice?
I would like the world to know that you should never give up on what you want.  Don’t let fear, doubt or your current circumstances determine where you believe you can go.  You are where you are and you have what you have because of the patterns you’ve created in your life.  If you want different results, simply start a new pattern.
You can learn more about Tammy Washington and her work below 🙂
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