TRAEDONYA! Releases Video My Favourite Guy video featuring Derek Jeter


Bronx raised vocalist TRAEDONYA! (AKA The Bride of New Funk Hipopera)

celebrates New York Yankee great Derek Jeter with a very personal visual

that takes you back to Sept 27th 2014 at Yankee stadium on Mr. Jeter’s last

day playing at the stadium. The visual features real Yankee fans emotionally

discussing Mr. Jeter. It is currently exclusively on Facebook.


TRAEDONYA! like her fellow New Yorkers that day was a feeling a sadness yet

celebrating his 20 years in NYC. Many of the people grew up with Mr. Jeter.

While outside Yankee stadium she witnessed the sorrow and sullen

expressions on peoples faces that touched her deeply.From that experience

the song My Favourite Guy was imagined. I saw that he was New York City’s

Favourite Guy that day. I am not a baseball fan but i know who Derek Jeter is


The song is a soulful piano driven song anchored by TRAEDONYA’S sweet

vocals.The song is the soundtrack for the visual. The video link below

and information about TRAEDONYA!

Here is the Jeter video link

You can also follow TRAEDONYA! on twitter

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