TOTM (Time of the Month) Author and Radio Personality Valarie Carey

Recently featured on the cable television network LifeTime, Valarie Carey is a retired New York City Police Sergeant turned entrepreneur. She is now the founder of the new brand TOTM! Time Of The Month!® and author of the new yearly calendar planner by the same name. TOTM! Time Of The Month!® (Val’s Word! Publishing) hands out tips and advice for girls and women of all ages who are cycling. With easy to document pages, one can measure and track the flow of her menstrual cycle. She can also identify certain symptoms that she may be experiencing on a monthly basis. With colorful fun stickers to note different moods TOTM! Time Of The Month!® is a great planning and documentation tool. Carey is a mentor and community activist in her native Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant. Having served with several national organizations including NOBLE National Organization Of Black Law Enforcement Executives and publishing a monthly local newsletter named Val’s Word!, Carey believes in community. Carey has mentored the youth at the local PAL (Police Athletic League) through Mentoring USA and currently holds a seat on the executive board of Brooklyn CARES, a local chapter of The National CARES Mentoring Movement(NCMM). Val Carey hosts a 2x weekly show TOTM! Tea Talk which airs on Blogtalk Radio Sundays 5pm EST and Wednesdays at 7pm EST where she discusses all things relevant to that Time Of The Month
Hannah Spivey:  Hey, Valarie. How’s life treating you?
Valery Carey: Life is treating me GREAT! thanks for asking
Hannah Spivey: I’ve read your book TOTM (Time of the Month) and I find it to be very educational and informative. Tells the readers about your book TOTM
Valery Carey: Well TOTM! Time Of The Month! The Ultimate Period Planner is a book for tweens, teens and women who have a menstrual cycle to not only track their next monthly cycle, but the book gives concrete tips and advice on preventing bloating and cramping and ways to boost your mood during that time of the month.  The book will help a lady have a painfree period while she keeps track of her daily and weekly appointments as well because it’s a planner too!
Hannah Spivey: Why did you decide to write a book about menstrual cycle?
Valery Carey: My daughter Shelby was the inspiration behind me writing the TOTM! series.  I originally wanted a way to communicate with her about her menstrual cycle and part my advice to her.
Hannah Spivey:  How long did it take you to write the book?
Valery Carey: Writing the book wasn’t a long process at all… what took long was actually me putting my thoughts to paper.  Once I decided to write the book it took me about 4 months from writing the book, printing the book and launching it.
Hannah Spivey: Do you plan to write another book about TOTM?
Valery Carey: ABSOLUTELY!!  You can expect about 2 more books on TOTM! coming from me.  The next one to come out by early 2014.
Hannah Spivey: Did you self-publish your first book?
Valery Carey: Yes I self-published under Val’s Word! Publishing and now I’m publishing other authors as well.
Hannah Spivey: You’re also a radio show host. Tell the readers about your show and where they can find it t call in and/or listen in.
Valery Carey:  TOTM! Tea Talk airs on BlogTalk Radio every Sunday at 5pm for 45 minutes and every Wednesday at 7pm EST for 30 minutes and TOTM! Tea Talk is the place where we can candidly speak about that Time Of The Month!
Hannah Spivey: Tell us more about your latest projects surrounding  TOTM
Valery Carey: Currently we just released The Ultimate Period Planner and you can expect to see the TOTM! app for Android and iPhone Summer 2013
Hannah Spivey: Where do you see yourself in the next several years?
Valery Carey: In the next several years I see myself expanding the TOTM! brand with a Flagship store here in Brooklyn, NY.
Hannah Spivey: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Valery Carey: One of my biggest pet peeves would have to be when people eat their food and smack… that is so unruly and lacks table manners.
Hannah Spivey: What do many people do not know about you?
Valery Carey: I think a lot of people may not know that I was once a NYPD Police Sergeant.  I retired from the force in 2006.
Hannah Spivey: You were featured on Life Time Network. Tell us about your experience of being featured on that network. 🙂
Valery Carey: Being on Lifetime’s The Balancing act was certainly an exciting experience being able to talk about the book TOTM! Time Of The Month! as well as give some of my favorite TOTM! tips.
Hannah Spivey: What is your advice to aspiring professionals?
Valery Carey: My advice to aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs would be to believe in what it is that you’re trying to accomplish and do not be discouraged by the outside noise.  You may have doubters and naysayers that are in your family and whom you may even sleep with every night.  But if you know like you know…. stay focused and pursue your dream.  Your dream was given to YOU for a reason.  It wasn’t given to anyone else.  And once you see success in your dream then the naysayers will become your biggest cheerleaders.  Until that time… “May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!”
You can connect with Valarie Carey and learn more about her work below *wink*
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