Top Atlanta Promoter @SequelATL Joins the #TeamRisen Mentor Panel


Breaking the code is what promoters aim to do. They all look to having the their events totally sold out and packed to capacity. Great promoters are sheer genius. They attract their crowd by having awesome themes, fantastic features and an overall grasp on what it takes to throw a great party. In Atlanta, honestly, everyone is a promoter. Really, in Atlanta, you have to be. It’s definitely the place to be!
So, I really feel like there are a few promoters that you just simply must know in order to understand just how the Industry works in Atlanta. There are some clubs that may seem like holes in the wall… but in the back, it’s got the whole ‘boom boom room appeal’. The home town heroes of Atlanta, like Ludacris, T.I., Bone Crusher, and Lil’ Jon can be found in the ‘hood’ spots scouting new talent. Venues like the old ‘Figure 8’, ‘Chit Chats’, and ‘The Palace’ are all known for breaking artists. Those places are where every one hangs out. It’s the heart of the music, and a great promoter does a lot of hard work and puts in a lot of hard time in the streets, shaking hands, passing out flyers, getting into the community, knowing the public, to establish such a solid following.


Sequel Phillips, most known to the college crowd kids as Mr. Aftermoney Ent. aka his social media handle, and publicly branded celebrity, @SequelATL. Every Friday, he does numbers consistently at Club Lacura located at 1999 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA.

Let’s talk about how he does is and why it’s hard to duplicate. Sequel is a mastermind at strategy. He has time under his belt. Sequel has been promoting now for about a decade, starting his career at West GA University. He began promoting at Club 31 in Carrollton where he made a name for himself as one of the most hard working promoters.

Sequel and his company, Aftermoney Ent., have passed the test of time by being involved with the most famous parties among the Atlanta College Crowd. Sequel has thrown parties at every club on the city, guaranteed. He’s guaranteed to have a solid following and is known for producing ground breaking artists. “I feel like the on the rise community is responsible for the whole culture of our youth, collectively”, says Sequel. He is a long time supporter of indy artists and often develops marketing strategies through his events to help bring light to the grinding artists of the community. 95% of all artists out of Atlanta have performed at Sequel’s events have and been unanimously accepted by the crowd of music critic college kids.


Sequel holds the keys to the city to bridge the gap between college and the 25 and up crew. He pumps the music through the kids as almost a market research technique, next thing you know, everyone’s bumping last Friday’s performance!

What stands out the most about Sequel is his genuine humility. No matter how much money he just made at the door of the most poplar college parties in the city, he never meets a stranger. I remember watching him give his last few bucks to a guy who was hard on his luck. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

Nowadays, if you’re looking for Sequel, you can catch him on IG @SequelATL, being the best father ever to his little ‘Mini- Me’ – AKA, Lil Sequel, BKA Messiah.


Often somewhere doing good, you can probably find him giving great advise. Dedicated to helping others, Sequel has also graciously joined our #TeamRisen Mentor Panel where he will continue to sit in on media day interviews, engage in discussions pertaining to promotions and branding efforts, provide opportunities for our artists to perform and be heard in front of that influential market, and serve as a friend and resource to @OnTheRiseMag’s #TeamRisen members like @PhillyBlocks.


You can catch Sequel at Lacura, 1999 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. each and every Friday! His club event, #ForDrinkersOnly has taken over the city and constantly holds the title of most consistenfly packed out college party in Atlanta!

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