@ToneTheGoat Mixtape Review-Been Snappin 5 The Stoner’s Edition


   Hits blunt,

    If your not a true stoner this tape is definitely not for you. You also probably wouldn’t really overstand it, but honestly i enjoyed this Mixtape like i enjoy my guru. It breaks down good, hits smooth, and gets me where i need to be.   What i loved most was that every song gave u a hit of something different. And it gives you that feeling of nostalgia, like when you hit a nice guru stick and the first thing you do is take the stick and proceed to examine  it like “This shit is nice” then hit it again.

    This is not the kind of Mixtape you can just give a quick listen to. Some songs are not going to catch your attention immediately. So everytime i played it something would come on that i didnt catch at first and once again i’m in my zone. Been snappin 5 is hands down a sit back and chill type of Mixtape it makes you wanna light up and vibe to it.

     Most importantly it makes you really listen to what ToneTheGoat is talking about. Its not like this crap playing on the radio right now where you have to google the lyrics because you have no clue what the artist is saying and you have to make sure they don’t have you chanting some demonic nonsense lol. 

Listen to Been Snappin’ 5, The Stoner’s Edition on Datpiff http://www.datpiff.com/ToneTheGoat-Been-Snappin-5-mixtape.848718.html

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