The Rick Ross GD Beef


“I think i’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover
Whippin work, Hallelujah”

It is that line from Rick Ross’s 2010 song BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast) that has pissed off a lot of people. Whether he intended to or not, Ross had lyrically initiated a conflict with the GD’s. In the song, He mentions Larry Hoover, the last remaining  founding father of the Gangster Disciples (GD’s). He further blACK BARignited a firestorm when he dropped his mixtape “Black Bar Mitzvah” on October 8, 2012. On the album cover, Rick Ross has his face in the center of a 6-point star (well known symbol of the GD’s). Ross was trying to portray himself as a “Black Jew”. However, after hearing Larry Hoover’s name repeatedly called on BMF then, Ross sits his face in the middle of their emblem, which is identical to the star of David, the GD’s  took this as extreme disrespect and now, ITS BEEF.

The Gangster Disciples organization was born in the late 60’s on the south side of Chicago. David Barksdale ( Black Disciples) and Larry Hoover (Supreme Gangsters) came together to formulate a new “super” organization. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was born at the hands of two of Chicago’s most powerful and influential gang leaders. Today, this organization has over 50,000 members worldwide. In the early days, the GD’s were known for running the drug game on Chicago’s south side. A lot has changed with time. There are GD’s literally everywhere now. Larry Hoover who is currently incarcerated changed the GD from  Gangster Disciples to Growth and Development. The new goal is to encourage just that. Today, even from prison Larry Hoover is still powerful.

Gangster Disciples

Looking at the total situation, is it fair to say that Ross is disrespecting in the first place? When you think about it, he  is comparing himself to“The Big Dawgs”. Ross was really starting to grow as an artist and his music was getting more popular before he release this song. True indeed this particular song did boost his popularity to another echelon.  Is the song really him spitting on Larry Hoover or is it a salute taken the wrong way? There are always two sides to a story. After the release of Black Bar Mitzvah, GD’s from everywhere started responding and telling the world that they had this major problem with Ross.

The GD’s feels like Ross has crossed the line and they will not be quiet about it. It is rumored that his MMG tour was cancelled because of threats that he was getting from GD’s in North Carolina. It was reported that he cancelled shows in both Charlotte and Greensboro. A few days after that he cancels the rest of the tour. Rick Ross’s camp is stating that it had nothing to do with any death threats. They are siting janky promoters and lack of organization as the reason to end the tour early.

Both BMF and GD are two separate organizations. Big Meech embraced the song and took it as a salute. His response:


Larry Hoover Jr. and Rick Ross even met after the song was released in 2010 and all was well. What’s the real issue here now?  It is because of this song that a lot more people are aware of what BMF and the GD’s stand for. A lot of the older heads know, but so many of

Star of David
Star of David

the younger cats don’t. By Ross saying the name and saying that he feels like he’s on their level, so many people who didn’t know went back to find out who these men were. This song simply was him telling the world how he was feeling. Whether one agrees with it or not, this younger generation looks up to rappers like Ross. In this song, he saluted two men that he looked up too and respects. Is he really wrong for that?  So, once again, is the song a diss? Secondly, the 6-point star is the same as the Star of David so did the Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape album artwork really have anything to do with the GD’s?



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