Tha Cool Club and @Schweinbeck LLC Present: #TheFanBase

Tonight, The Department Store opens up its doors to the creative style of Atlanta sounds for the hot industry mixer and open mic, #TheFanBase.
Atlanta holds many open mics every week. Hopefuls attend with the aspirations of meeting that one connect that will change their lives and pop off their career.
Unfortunately, most open mics don’t provide starving artists any Real opportunity. There is no one that is actually influential enough to give them valuable information let alone, any sort of shot to stardom.

I urge all artists to attend tonight’s segment of #TheFanBase located at The Department Store (467 Edgewood Ave Atlanta G.A. 30312).


Why? What’s different?

#TheFanBase is orchestrated by The Cool Club and Ms. Diana Schweinbeck. It’s an event that is similar to our #TeamRisen Media Days due to the panel discussions, the difference is that #TheFanBase has a real dynamic twist following the panel discussion with their performance slots for $30!

On top of the upfront benefits to artists participating in this event through the wealth of knowledge provided by the panelists ( DJ Pretty Boy Tank, Nick Love, Stix Malone, DJ Scream, and Wendy Day) there are also Big perks for the winner:

2 hours of recording time at MAD Studios

A blog placement on

A blog placement on

A blast via ATL Top 20

And a slot for the next show.

 Tonight will be a movie for sure with a live performance from Big Ben. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the streets. #TheFanBase is the move for tonight!!!  9pm sharp! FB_IMG_1433397216128


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