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With the reemergence of the lyricst again on the 2013 hip hop roster, 2014 is guaranteed to be popping. One of the bright spots will be the Skale Boyz with artist Terrerizm leading their campaign. You can envision Terrerizm as a battering ram invading the castle. Coming back to back with hard hitting lyrics over original hot tracks. Clearly what will set Terrerizm apart from the pact will be the fact he is no spring chicken, he is a artist who has experienced life and it comes out in his gritty flow.

West Philadelphia born and raised…lol…sound familiar? Hope so because Terrerizm is just that. Philadephia is famously known for its hot lyricist and Terrerizm wont disappoint. What is even more appealing is that he’s a throwback of when rappers didnt immulate each other and every tape you popped in sounded different and diverse in concepts. Without a shadow of a doubt he qualifies as a gangster rapper but his life and love of good 80’s r&b and ol school hip hop are skillfully blended into his music. Every track is intended to transport you back in time to cocaine 80’s early 90’s as he describes as “The Golden Era of The Hustler”.

To clearly understand Terrerizm the artist, you must first understand the concept which Skale boyz Music is based upon. To be a Skaleboy, is to be someone who’s life is teetering in the balance, someone who wants to do good but only sees bad resources for his goal. We dare you to live a week with his music. Classic? Do we dare say? Let you be the judge. But one thing is for sure to combine rock soulful r&b and hip hop is an accomplishment only done by the greats.

Hannah Spivey: Hello. How are you?

Terrerizm: Im fine and yourself

Hannah Spivey: I’m doing well. So tell our readers a little about yourself and what you do?

Terrerizm: I am a  rap artist and CEO of Skale Boyz Music Group

Hannah Spivey: Whu did you decide  to get into your occupation?

Terrerizm: Never was a choice, it was always something I’ve done. I decided to take it more serious this past year.

Hannah Spivey: What makes you stand out from all the other artists?

Terrerizm: My voice, showmenship and not looking to sound the same. I actually lived in both Philly and the South so both music genres are infused in me. I also study all music

Hannah Spivey: Who have you had the opportunity to work with in the industry?

Terrerizm: When I was younger  I got a quick buzz so I was able to work with legends such as DJ Miz, Ruggedness, Madd Drama and Kamaflaj

Hannah Spivey: What are you currently working on?

Terrerizm: Da Golden Era of the Husla expected to be released late Spring

Hannah Spivey: Who would you like to work with?

Terrerizm: Troy Ave, Rick Ross and Pusha T to name a few

Hannah Spivey: What do many people not know about you?

Terrerizm: My musical range and the fact my inspiration comes from rock more so than rap

Hannah Spivey: What should we expect from you in the near future?

 Terrerizm: Album release, pop ups, performances, and free cd giveaways

Hannah Spivey: What and who inspires you to keep going?

Terrerizm: Wanting to hear myself and seeing how far I can go. Also the ability to work with the artists I listen to

Hannah Spivey: How can people find and connect with you?

Terrerizm: Instagram: skaleboyz_terrerizm

Twitter: Terrerizm

Soundcloud: Search Skaleboyz


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