What’s Poppin In Atlanta? #WildCardWednesdays at Royal South Central

What to do? What to do? Atlanta is certifiably the city of stars! There’s lights, glitter, fame, and parties all throughout the city. There’s a party on every block and a friendly face at every party. Atlanta is known for the night life!   One of the biggest downfalls of partying in Atlanta is that most parties are exactly the same. There’s nothing that sets them apart from one another….

Gotsta be Official! A few more steps to pursuing the business of the music.

  Greetings good friends! I have really been enjoying bringing education to the nation about becoming a Real player in this Music Game. I know a lot of people just simply don’t have the tools or the ability to gain the knowledge on whats required in the Music Business, but once again, have no fear! On The Rise Mag is here to help you… because we care. I’ve been ranting on…

Getting paid for those shows yet? How bout a check for the radio play?

Hey hey! Hope your week has been splendid! I know mine has! I just wanted to take the time to talk to you a little more about this whole legitimization of your current music project. Last week, we were talking about song jackers. I was telling you all about how much it Sucks to get your music stolen by big artists. (Side note: if this has happened to you before,…

Do want to get your music stolen or what?

  So here’s the thing, I’ve been doing promo for people for almost 10 years now. The majority of my clientele are music artists. I’ll be the first to say that I’m only speaking from my own opinions. These are not the views of On The Rise Magazine or its affiliates. To me, for someone to truly have a desire to pursue a career in music, they must do their…

BDE Artist TNT to Premiere “Lime & Coke” Video on Vevo!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! By @TheOneTrueAngel   Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents! It appears that Big Dreams Entertainment is at it again! Yes, that’s right! Right before the new year Pops, feature artist: TNT completes his first video, Lime & Coke, written and directed by: Donnell Chandler . Stay tuned! It’s set to debut January 5, 2016! Cheers! Watch and Comment on the Preview of Lime and Coke! 

Meet Donnell Chandler and Big Dreams Entertainment

  Big Dreams Entertainment is a management company established in October 2014 in Atlanta, G.A. The founder and CEO, Donnell Chandler has taken no time getting the ball rolling and has already taken major steps to get the business flowing in. He has begun signing artists to his company and intends on keeping a small roster of artists. He is taking the solid approach by individually grooming each artist and…

M-1 Muzik On The Rise Magazine Risen 2014 Experience

On The Rise Magazine recently caught up with Louisville, KY artist M-1.   An artist, producer, videographer, label CEO…M-1 demands the attention of any crowd.  With making it in his heart, his movement to bring stardom to the plate.  Check out his 2014 RISEN experience with Attica Lundy PR and Team Risen.  

Affordable and Unique Marketing Options Through Redd’s Buttons

On The Rise Mag is infamous for booking great talent to appear in our magazine. In December, 2014, we introduced you to mogul in the making, Nicholas ‘Redd’ Scott, author of 12 Habits of Great Apartment Leasing Consultants.  Since we last met Mr. Nicolas ‘Redd’ Scott SR., it’s simply no surprise that he’s been working! In addition to climbing the charts to being a best selling author, Mr. Nicholas ‘Redd’…

Restaurant and Venue Review: Two01 Restaurant and Dolce Atlanta Peachtree Resort

While dining in Atlanta, you will find yourself among the greatest cuisines in the world. Atlanta is the home to a huge melting pot of eateries and anyone can find themselves lost in the plethora of great dining! I’m going to discuss a solitary secret in the outskirts of the city of Atlanta, GA  at the secluded spot of Dolce Resort in Peachtree City, GA.   The lavish facility has over 40…

Risen: Young Lock Rocks Louisville, KY 1-10-15!

Be In Attendance: 1*10*15 Real Deal Made Solid Presents:  YOUNG  LOCK  LIVE AT CLUB 116 (II6 E. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202) Admission is $10 at the Door! Become a Fan of Young Lock:  https://www.facebook.com/LockInThisB Returning From Earning  (Free Download) http://www.datpiff.com/Young-Lock-Returning-From-Earing-mixtape.624109.html Soundcloud (Free Streaming)  https://soundcloud.com/young-lock