Easter Roll-Ups

Edited by Attica Lundy Cooper

#30DaysInTheRaw: A conversation with the expert, Chef Beee!

Armed with education for healthy living from the Living Foods Institute, day time mathematics instructor, Professor Natasha D. Brewley is prepared to assist anyone along their journey to a holistic lifestyle. Certifiably one of the most knowledgeable raw food experts in Atlanta, Brewley offers vegan alternatives to clients who are adamant about living well and living longer. “Being more conscious about lifestyle, appearance, wellness- Spiritual wellness, what you put in…

#30DaysInTheRaw: Thumbs Up to Songhay!

  (Songhay Parham, Healthy Life Enthusiast) On our journey to a healthy life, it is awesome to have some support. The community of people interested in a healthy life who are participating in the #30DaysInTheRaw Challenge have shown their interest through a plethora of interactive posts, photo shares, and general encouragement for their fellow participants. In scrolling through the posts of the Raw Food Challenge participants, I found enthusiast, Songhay Parham….

#30DaysInTheRaw: A Raw Food Challenge For a Healthy Life

In our society, everything is so fast paced. A lot of times, we as people do not monitor what we put into our bodies. We eat anything, not even thinking about the negative effects that what we eat may have on our lives. On a conquest to become more pure in terms of what I ingest, I have set out on a journey to bring knowledge to others about the…