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E.H.M.P.: How are you today? Thank you for sitting down with me.

BOST: I’m great thanks. Happy to be here and talk with you.

E.H.M.P.: How long have you been rapping?

BOST: I’ve been rapping for about four years but a little over a year ago I really started to take it seriously and record as well as study rap and treat it like a full time job. Before rapping I was producing, something I still do. I’ve been making and producing my own beats for about 5-6 years. 

E.H.M.P.: Who and what inspires you ?

BOST: I’m inspired by a lot of rappers who not only rap but also produce there own music. People like Dr. dre, Pharrell, timberland, Kanye west, Taylor Bartholomew and j cole all really inspire me. But I also get a lot of inspiration just from my surroundings and my family. 

E.H.M.P.: Where can we listen to and or download your music?

BOST: You can listen to my music on YouTube, hotnewhiphop and soundcloud. It’s available  to download on hotnewhiphop and soundcloud for free.

E.H.M.P.: How can we stay in touch with you?

BOST: Easiest way to stay in touch with me is to check out my Instagram and twitter feel free to follow me on both!

Twitter @graffbost1

Instagram @graffbost1


E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout outs?

BOST: First off a big shout out to eleganthoodnessradio and the amazing A.D. The General. Thanks to everyone who supports me and what I do. Shout out all the braves. If anyone wants to Colab hit me up on the above social network sites or email me ( always looking to work with new artists.


Written by A.D. The General





Young Dirt2


Making waves in the music industry is no easy task, but Reidsville, North Carolina re presenter, Young Dirt, when you grind hard and sleep less, anything is possible. Recently gaining a major label distribution deal, Young Dirt is ready to share with the world his sound and his story.

G3MZ: For the people that don’t know who you are tell them a little about where you’re from and how long you been doing this?

Young Dirt: I go by the name Young Dirt. I was born in Gastonia, North Carolina, raised everywhere between there, Buffalo, NY, Southside Chicago, Illinois, York, Clover and Rock Hill, South Carolina, and mostly Reidsville, North Carolina. I’ve been doing music for as long as I can remember but only professionally for about 2 years or so.

G3MZ: Being from the south do you feel like the south gets misrepresented?

Young Dirt: I don’t feel like the south gets misrepresented, but the streets choose a lot of the same kind of southern rappers to give the most press and promotion to, there’s no one kind of southern rapper, but a lot of them do have similar styles, so most times when an artist from the south sounds different they don’t think they’re “southern”.

G3MZ: What’s the best experience you’ve had so far?

Young Dirt: I think the best experience I’ve had in the music business so far has been touring with a radio single. I’ve done so many promotional shows trying to break singles when the crowd didn’t know the song that it was kind of overwhelming to have a crowd singing along to the song and actually knowing and reciting my rhymes that I wrote. That’s a powerful feeling, also makes you realize the responsibility you have as an entertainer.

G3MZ: Who influenced your style coming up?

Young Dirt: When I was coming up I listened to east coast music, Rakim, Big L, Jay-Z, a little Nas, Chino XL, Crooked I and artists like that. I did more freestyles than songs. It took me a LONG time to get out of just writing lyrics and actually making songs, I got to give my big homey Carlos Diaz credit for schooling me to the importance of catchy hooks in the music business.

G3MZ: Let us know about your current project and where can people get it?

Young Dirt: I have 2 recent mixtapes with exclusively Young Dirt music available on, “Born Alone Die Alone” and “2 Real 4 Radio – Vol 1″. Both are released through You World Global Media in Atlanta. Also I just hosted DJ 7 Thirty’s “Block Huggaz” Vol 65 and released 5 tracks on it mixed in with music from some industry heavyweights. The latest project I am working on is my third studio mixtape to be released this summer which is as of yet untitled, but will be hosted and sponsored by Fleet DJs and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.


G3MZ: How do you feel about mainstream right now?

Young Dirt: Honestly I don’t feel about mainstream. Mainstream is the product of what’s popular in the boardroom and the streets. If the streets are supporting something or the people with the check are paying for the promotion, I can’t really say anything other than congratulations. Other than that, it doesn’t make or break me. I got my blinders on running my own race.


G3MZ: How can people contact you for bookings or features?


Young Dirt: For bookings or features you can contact Demetrius Williams at or Ms. L. B. Whitener at, or you can contact my business facebook at or direct message on twitter @YoungDirt.


G3MZ: Any shout outs?

Young Dirt: Definitely have to thank God for breath in my body, shout out my management team MsLB, Demetrius and DRS Productions, You World Global Media, my family G.H.S.L. Fam, Sesame Eagle Gang, the city of Reidsville, NC, my whole Burris, Guinn, Ross fam from SC to NC to Chicago, and anybody that ever clicked a Young Dirt link, liked or retweeted a Young Dirt status, played a Young Dirt CD or supported a Young Dirt show! Hell even the ones in the street talking bad on my name, I wouldn’t be nothing without each and every one of ya’ll!


Courtesy of G3MZ, The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2013