UK Connection Presents: Intrestin Fabric

Courtesy of DJ Dange [For immediate release] London, UK IN-TRESTIN FABRIC [I.F],   THE MOST IN-TRESTIN CLOTHING LINE ON THE IN-TRESTIN FABRIC, is the casual men’s and women’s clothing line forged in the heart of London for open minded professionals and in-trestin people alike. [IF] stands out from the average, does not follow convention takes […]

Bags Bags Bags

Bags, Bags, Bags Ladies love their bags, some more than others. I, myself am not a bag woman. I can never seem to be able to keep up with them but I do love a good clutch-small, compact, cute-that’s me. Bags are always an essential piece to a woman’s wardrobe. A bag can pull an […]

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