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I Love My Jeans!!

I Love My Jeans!! Let’s start the start the conversation around brands of jeans. We all love our jeans and we all have our own favorite brands of jeans and our favorite style in those brands. I am going mention a few brands and of course we know there are many, many, many brands of jeans and as I apologize in advance I will not be able to mention them all. I decided to ask several people what their favoriteContinue reading


I Need Shoes!!

How many times have you found yourself searching for shoes for an outfit last minute? You’ve known about this event for weeks, maybe even months, and you’ve already found the perfect outfit… but you have no shoes to go with it. You find yourself going store to store with no results of producing the perfect shoe. So what do you do? You end up changing your outfit- something I have never really understood…not to say that I have never doneContinue reading


Ask Me Why I’m Fly

What is fashion? Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manner of behaviors; this is what the dictionary has to say. When it comes to clothing fashion is more than a trend; it’s more than what’s popular. Fashion is ownership, a self expression through dress. Fashion is everything you do from your head to your toes. Ask Me Why I’m fly; I don’t care about the opinion of others. If you don’t like how I dress, the wayContinue reading

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UK Connection Presents: Intrestin Fabric

Courtesy of DJ Dange [For immediate release] London, UK IN-TRESTIN FABRIC [I.F],   THE MOST IN-TRESTIN CLOTHING LINE ON THE IN-TRESTIN FABRIC, is the casual men’s and women’s clothing line forged in the heart of London for open minded professionals and in-trestin people alike. [IF] stands out from the average, does not follow convention takes into account and matches the beliefs of IN-TRESTIN. Hence forth the IN-TRESTIN FABRIC ethos was born, which is… “Life is IN-TRESTIN so should the clothesContinue reading


Bags Bags Bags

Bags, Bags, Bags Ladies love their bags, some more than others. I, myself am not a bag woman. I can never seem to be able to keep up with them but I do love a good clutch-small, compact, cute-that’s me. Bags are always an essential piece to a woman’s wardrobe. A bag can pull an entire look together.   Bags can range from name brand to knockoff depending on what you want to spend and what type of quality you like.Continue reading