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UK Connection presents: B Star

BStar UKConnection
 Twenty Four year old B STAR is a  singer, songwriter and performer born and raised in East London Canning Town E16.  Discovering her voice at 12 years old, she the went on to meet producer Rawdeal in 2009 and recorded her first mixtape “Star In The Making”.  
Bstar is also a dancer she was trained in tap, ballet and jazz for 14 years at Ofarells Stage School based in Canning Town, London. As well as running a performing arts after school club called” B Star’s, she is currently planning release dates for her new ep “Drive”, shooting videos and writing for her new mixtape to be released early next year.
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Check out her interview with our very own @DJDange !



insane killer kane


EHMP: Introduce Yourself to every body.

IKK: My name is Insane Killa Kane, I’m a producer/Beat Maker from Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.

EHMP: When did you start producing?

IKK: In 2000.

EHMP: 14 years, that’s what’s up.Who inspired you to want to produce?

IKK: In the 80s, I fell in love with hip hop music, listening to Mr Magic’s Rap Attack (Radio show that used to play on a famous mainstream radio station in NYC). I was inspired by all the greats: From The Sugarhill Gang to Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. Even The Rapping Duke, (DaHa) and Run DMC, Rakim, Big Pun, Jay Z, Nas, and the list goes on.

EHMP: What other producers inspired you?

IKK: Spank Machavelli, DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, And Alchemist.

EHMP: How would you describe your beats? Are they just hip hop?

IKK: My beats are multi-genre, unique, some of them I used samples, some I compose myself. I use every genre of music, from hip hop, r and b, to pop and house music. My beats cover all cultures, all music.

EHMP: Who have you worked with so far?

IKK: I’ve worked with Royal Flush, and G.O.D. (Infamous Mobb). I also have credits for a few upcoming artists, like E.N.Y. The Artist, Antman, Solomon, Sean Strange… to name a few.

EHMP: Congratulations on winning the First Beat Battle for the 2014 Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Tour, and the Nomination for Best Emerging Producer for The 9th Annual EHMP Hip Hop Achievement Awards, next year.

IKK: I’m thankful, and honored.

EHMP: We look forward to hearing more great things from you as the year progresses. Good luck! #Salute:

IKK: Thanks. #Salute!

You can keep up with this beat beast by following him on FB @ InsanKillaKane and @ Insanebeats
Instagram, and Twitter.
soundcloud. com/insanekillakane
or contact him @:



Thelma Wright Gangster Queen of Philadelphia


An exclusive interview with Thelma Wright,

Gangster Queen of Philadelphia

By: Crystal Victoria


By day, Thelma Wright was a loving mother and entrepreneur. By night, a notorious drug lord, dubbed by   the Biography channel as Philly’s Gangster Queen. In the early 80’s, Thelma met and fell “crazy in love” with Jackie Wright who introduced her to the street life and the drug game. After years of marriage, Jackie was brutally murdered leaving Thelma the challenge of taking over the drug game. While juggling a small business, hefty drug deals, and her son, Thelma quickly became susceptible to the dangers of her illegal side activities. One day she made a decision to get out of the game for good, and before long made a permanent escape from the vicious cycle of drug dealing.


Today, years later, she’s a motivational speaker and positive mentor to young women in the Philadelphia area. Her vivid memoir “With Eyes From Both Sides”, has been adopted by the Biography channel for the show “Gangsters America’s Most Evil” and Thelma has appeared on numerous radio shows and in magazines nationwide.



Crystal Victoria: After watching your documentary on A&E, I was led to learning more about you and your story. Can you tell us a little more about your book, “With Eyes From Both Sides”?


Ms. Thelma Wright: Well, I had been talking about writing a book for over 15 years, due to the many layers of my life. The process began after being approached by an “A-List” actress, who wanted the option to purchase my story. Before moving forward, I had to be honest with my son, Jackiem, and tell him who is mother was in the past. He had no knowledge about things that went on with me. Jackiem knew about his father because I had told him various things about him over the years.  As he got older, I told him more about his father, but I never told him about me.


So after the meeting with regards to the movie, I felt it was time to write the book, but it was first and foremost important to tell my son the truth about me.  My son reassured me, that he was okay with everything that would be discussed. I didn’t really know how the book would be received, and there was a lot more that I could have put into the book.  The response has been great, and I will be doing another book in the near future. “With Eyes From Both Sides”, is a story that was time to be told.


Before writing my book, I’d heard various things about my husband’s death and what went on, but it was time for me to set the record straight, it was a form of release for me.



Crystal Victoria: You overcame these obstacles as a young woman. In your experience how has this entrepreneurship journey been for you?


Ms. Thelma Wright: In my younger years it was pretty sweet, but when I decided to walk away from the drug game and go into the work force it became difficult for me. I’m sure a lot of women out here have experience what I’ve experienced in the work force. You just want to work and provide for yourself and family, but you’re met with all types of adversities. From prejudice to people acting in an adverse way because you wear nice clothes or you look nice, or whatever. It’s been difficult for me in the work environment. A lot of times it would cross my mind that maybe I should have stayed in the drug game. I was my own woman and my own boss. It just wasn’t a healthy environment; nor was it the right thing to do.  It wasn’t a safe environment, and definitely wasn’t a good environment in which to raise my son. After writing the book, I’ve actually been treated differently and sometimes discriminated.


Working with women whom have transitioned from drugs, alcohol, and mental health treatment has given me the opportunity to see the other side life. I was on the side creating a lot of problems and contributing to a lot of problems.  The women I work with have given me the opportunity see what was created from drug use and dealing.  This is my way of giving back. I’ve decided to start my own foundation, “The Thelma Wright Foundation to Empower Women”.


It’s a lot that goes on with us as women, and black women in particular are met with a lot of adversities. Our number one concern is with being a woman, and our number two concern is with being a black woman. It’s been a bittersweet journey. But this foundation is something that I feel I must do, as well as motivational speaking. This is not just for women but for people who have been involved in the streets, in the game, and to help others understand why you should stay out of that lifestyle. Once again, it’s not a healthy environment for you, your family or love ones! You only have two options being in the game…death or jail!!! It is important for me now to reach back and to give back.


So often I get the comments, “Why didn’t you go to jail, or why weren’t you arrested?” Because I stepped out before that could happen. Eventually being arrested or going to jail was going to happen. People don’t understand about “Statute of Limitations”. There is a “statute of limitation” on everything except murder. Because I wasn’t involved with any murders my destruction came in selling the product. I never physically harmed anyone or had anyone harmed. I may have wanted to, but didn’t. I was blessed not lucky, but blessed that God was with me. I believe angels were sitting on my shoulders, and I walked away from the life not to ever look back.



Crystal Victoria: It’s interesting to hear your last comments because people have a tendency to judge others whom are honest about their past mistakes. How do you handle that and keep yourself in good spirits to move forward?


Ms. Thelma Wright: First and foremost, I understand that is to be expected. I understand that everybody is not going to embrace me. It’s really not important. Recently, I just lost a contract. This was a non-profit organization that was supposed to be empowering women. My documentary was re-aired October 1, 2013, they found out about it, cut my contract in mid-stream, and impacted my livelihood. It kind of knocked the wind out of me for a minute. I was like “Wow!  Did I do the right thing? We’re human!” It’s only normal that you’re going to feel that way when situations like that happen. You have to understand that everybody is not going to understand. Everybody is not going to embrace you. They weren’t where you were, and so will not always understand how or why you got there. Maybe you don’t know why or how you did what you did at that time. I remember writing my book and feeling like “What the hell was I thinking when I was doing all of those things? Or how did I do that? Really!” But I did what I thought needed to be done.  You will hear me say, “What works for me may not work for you, may not work for Mary, may not work for Jane”. Was it the right thing to do? No! But I did it and survived.


If we can tell our stories and help somebody else, maybe they will reconsider the negative thoughts of us doing what we did.  If I sell one book, I’m happy; of course if I sell fifteen books that’s wonderful, but If I sell one book, I’m happy. I had a close friend ask me about the domestic situation, and why I wrote that in the book? I answered, “Because it happened”. So to answer your question, I just keep my head up, Crystal. I understand that its part of the territory. Some people get it, some people don’t.



Crystal Victoria: So are you open to mentoring also or just speaking engagements?


Ms. Thelma Wright: Oh Absolutely! I mentor and get calls all the time from the ladies where I worked as a property manager. I worked for a non-profit organization for four years, and that’s when I wrote the book. They still embrace me. I go over there about once or twice a month, and host “Power Hour” with the ladies. I talk with them, give out my number and email, and remain open and honest. In my older age, I’ve learned we don’t get everything at home. I came from a two-parent household and had loving, supportive parents, but didn’t get everything at home. There were two ladies that were mentoring me when I was working in high school. One was black and one was white. They didn’t have any children of their own and embraced me. I learned a lot of things from them, and my grandmothers. I learned from other ladies older than myself with modeling situations and etiquette, and various things. So to me, we as women should embrace each other, especially women of color. We have a problem complimenting one another; people don’t understand those things affect young girls. Self-esteem issues have a lot to do with decisions that we make. If we can embrace one another as our sisters and let them know that they’re cute, pretty and intelligent; they can do whatever they want to do if they put their mind to it. We should let them know there is somebody that cares about them. So mentoring to me is very important.


Crystal Victoria: What advice do you have for parents, especially mothers that want to explain past mistakes to their children in a comfortable way?


Ms. Thelma Wright: Something my mother told me about talking with my son about his father was “Do not tell him anything unless he asks you. If he asks you, you’ll know he’s ready.” My son started asking me about what his dad actually did, and what he sold in 2003. He was a sophomore in college. In other words you can’t just drop it on them. You have to pick your timing; you have to slow walk it. You will know as a parent when it’s the right time. Depending on what you tell them, you want them to be able to handle it. Never try to give it to them all at one time. Spoon feed them.


Crystal Victoria: How do we get your book and interact with you?


Ms. Thelma Wright: My website is, you can purchase my book on my site. You can follow me on Twitter, @ThelmaBWright, and my Facebook page link is Anyone can also purchase the book at and, as well.





Ms Crystal Victoria

President of Target Evolution

Ms. Crystal Victoria Founder of Target Evolution Institute managed by EEMC

Target Evolution Institute (EEMC)

Target Evolution, Inc.

Author of “From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady,” is her autobiography.


Transcribed, co-edited and submitted by writer Daood Obaid Aka Soul Detective




willie major


Willie Major Philly’s best kept secret is now emerging on the scene with vengeance.Taking no prisoners as he destroy tracks with his aggressive voice that has a capturing tone and texture to it. He signed a distribution deal in September of 2013 under the supervision of Power house entertainment lawyer Kevon Glickman who also managed Rick Ross. Willie Major will be featured in Feb/March edition of XXL Magazine.  Willie Major’s mix tape dropped at the top of this year. His mix tape is hosted by DJ YOUNG MASE A&R of the AFFILIATES. This mix tape has a jaw dropping intro that leaves the listeners shook. It also includes a heart felt song that he made for his late father simply called “Miss You” the 14 track mix tape is available now on datpiff Look for Willie Major this kid is doing big things. GG GALAXY MANAGEMENT carefully guides his career. He will be kicking off his mini tour in March starting in Atlanta ending up in his hometown of Philly.

Houston Texas BlueBoy


Artist Information

flyer pic


Blueboy’s a man of few words (unless he’s rapping) and a lot of action. He keeps it real at all time and that’s the only type of people he will align himself with. He is THA REALEST lyricist you never heard but is waiting to hear, promise. His style is best describe as a lyrical storyteller that invokes thought and incites crowds with substance filled songs that deal with real life emotions, thoughts, and dreams. He first started rapping during the summer break between 8th and 9th grade after breaking his leg and not knowing if he was going to be able to play football anymore. He was born in Hiram Clarke (Houston, TX) in Oct.’82 where he was the youngest of 5 and lived for 8yrs but after personal hardship he moved to Galveston, TX in Dec.’90. After graduating from Ball High School in 2001 he moved back to Houston and enrolled at Texas Southern University where He major in Electronic Engineering from 2001-2004. While attending school his girlfriend at the time became pregnant with their beautiful daughter and suddenly school was pushed to the side in favor of finding a job to support her. Working a regular job was fine for the time but he wanted and still wants so much more for himself and his daughter. The living check to check thing wasn’t cutting it anymore so shortly after she was born in ’04 he started back writing and recording new songs with a more defined sense of direction and greater desire to become the greatest rapper ever. And before it’s all said and done Blueboy will be.

Blueboy’s current single “See About It” which was self released in the first half of 2012 has received national support from varies dj crews including the Core Djs, Hustle Squad Djs, GO Djs, Fleet Djs, 704 Djs, Drum Squad Djs, Vamplife Djs, Hood Approved Dj’s, BoothPimps, New Music Djs, Definition Djs, ect. which in turn garnered radio play from stations such as Shade 45, Power 92(Chicago, IL), 92Q Jams(Baltimore, MD), WiLD 104.9(Oklahoma City, OK), Foxie 105(Columbus, GA), 97.9 The Box(Houston, TX), Soul 92 Jams(Rocky Mount, NC) & Club 93.7(Flint, MI). The momentum behind Blueboy’s single “See About It” resulted in it peaking at 131 on the Urban Charts…thus far.




True Blue
Dmv Volume 1
DJ Fresh’s City Under Siege
DJ Ice’s Mainstreet Smokin
The Reel Talk Vol. 1
Unique Styles Vol. 14 by Da Hitman
The Goods Vol. 2 by Dj Good Grounds
Youtube Mixtape
The Halloween Massacre Dead or Alive Mixtape by Dj Energizer Bunny
Hip Hop Collection Vol. 1 Hosted by Dj Twinn Loco
Sunt These Niggas by DJ Ill Will
Below Freezing by Dj Hotboy Smooth
One 21 Ten Music Presents The Shortest Month Mixtape
Global Status 7
Road 2 Stardom Hosted by Big Sam (of Lil Jon & Tha Eastside Boyz)
DJ Michael Watts Swishahouse’s On My Way To SXSW 2012
Shake That bASS Hosted by DJ D-Fense
DJ Currensy Go Hard Or Go Home 15: Back @ It
SXSW Takeover 2013
Legend Mixtapes’ Free Agents Vol. 4

Single’s that are streaming and/or radio airplay:
“See About It”
“Showin Naked Ass”
“No Kin of Mine”
“Im a G”
“My Life”
“Aint No”
“Never Wanna Change”
“No One Else”

Official Website


Stage Alert: I’ll Be Home For Christmas Starring Nicholas Miller


With the holiday season at hand, there are a lot of fun-filled family events to enjoy.  Langston Hughes High School , located in Fairburn, GA has a two-night event in store for the holidays.

The LLHS Box Theatre presents “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on December 5th and 6th at 7pm.  Show tickets are only $5.00 each.

Since NICHOLAS MILLER  has a starring role as one of the main cast members (and he is my son), I was able to snag a quick interview from him after the debut night (THURSDAY) of the play, along with the help of my daughter MISS MOON THE STAR.  He was tight lipped about the play itself, ensuring that his mother would go and see it for herself. I plan on attending this evening.

Christmas Poster

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Who is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” written by?

Nicholas Miller:  The Acting II Class wrote I’ll Be Home For Christmas (an original screen play)

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Is this your first performance in a play?

Nicholas Miller:  No, I did I did one with Ms. Woods last year, and prior to that I’ve always somehow landed roles, even when I didn’t want to be a part of it.

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : What’s an inside scoop?

Nicholas Miller: Crazy stuff goes on behind the scenes

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : How did you feel on stage?

Nicholas Miller:  Weird

OTR/@AtticaLundy Miss Moon The Star: Were you nervous?

Nicholas Miller:  Yeah

OTR/@AtticaLundy  How do you think you did?

Nicholas Miller:  I think I did good.  I did BAD.  No, I think I did good.

Why is the play only two days

Was it a lot of work?

Nicholas Miller:  Yeah, we had to write it.  Whoooa..are you…is this…is this an interview?!

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Yes, it is ( ha ha).  Who constructs the set?

Nicholas Miller:   She ( Mrs. Vann-Wagner)  has a backstage crew.  They go in the back and build props, platforms..we built stairs, etc.

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : In acting class are u taught to act

Nicholas Miller:   Yes

OTR/ @AtticaLundy  I know this sounds like a strange questions, but….Does the acting class actually teach you how to act?

Nicholas Miller:  Background on acting, improv,’s really about trying to break out of your shell.  That’s the process.  It’s a class that teaches acting.  This play was a part of our Acting II grade.  We had to write it, and to do what it takes to perform it.

OTR @MissMoonTheStar :  Did you feel uncomfortable having people stare at you?

Nicholas Miller:  Tonight was an off night.  Because we’re still kids, Thursday night is our slow night.  Most people will come to the Friday night show.  Just in case we’re super nervous, we go in knowing that there won’t be as many people so it’s not as much stress.  Friday night we know is a bigger night, if that makes sense.  We’ll be ready.

Artist Spotlight Los Angeles’ REEM RICHES




As the #Artistry machine continues with the release of “Road  2 Reem Riches Vol. 2″ following the over 500k views he recently received on his youtube video “Itching Freestyle”, Reem Riches continues his climb to the top with no mercy gaining over 75k first week downloads for his new mixtape. The emerging west coast artist from YG and DJ Mustard’s Pushaz Ink The Label is gaining national recognition and fast. After having his music featured in the Kevin Durant Nike commercial with DJ Mustard the internet is going crazy for the young west coast artist from Los Angeles, CA. The internet darling delivers his music with a patent, laid-back, smooth flow that is becoming his trademark style. The ladies love him while the streets embrace him. The music speaks for itself and speaks volumes of introspective and street savvy rhymes that most can relate to.

“Road 2 Reem Riches Vol. 2″ mixtape link hosted by DJ Mustard and DJ Carisma

Up next for the young artist is promoting his solo and group mixtapes at show dates in northern and southern California. “The hard work has just begun” according to the 23 year old as he has already begun working on his next project which is untitled. His plan is to shoot music videos for every track on the mixtape and let the fans decide the next single. He plans on continuing to work with his Pushaz Ink family TY$, YG, and Mustard as he continues to expand his brand working with E-40, Mann, RJ Mr. LA, and Jet Pack Jones.

Reem Riches Links

Reem Riches “Itchin” Freestyle Video - Over 500k Views

Previous Mixtape Releases:


Cevell Lewis -
Max Gousse - (@MaxArtistry)
Website -

Introducing Actor Jerod Haynes





Jerod Haynes born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. Jerod grew up playing sports which kept him from joining any street gang. Also his mom stayed on him, and instilled a spiritual base and belief in God. Jerod played basketball for Hales Franciscan high school in which they won state his junior year. He was awarded a scholarship to play college basketball at the University of Idaho. Played 2 seasons and transferred to Angelo State University before leaving to pursue a professional basketball career. In 2010, nothing came of that so Jerod decided to take an acting class. He was bit by the bug and now he seems to have found his niche. He began taking more classes at Acting Studio Chicago. Jerod has worked at Chicago’s ETA Theatre, where he started. From there he played Tom Robinson in Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s To Kill a mockingbird in 2012. Then he studied in the UK, Oxford in a program called BADA(British American Drama Academy). Jerod was recently in ATC(American Theater Company’s) production of COLUMBINUS which is nominated for a Jeff Award “best ensemble”. He also will be featured on the upcoming highly anticipated video game Watch_Dogs which is set to be released this winter. Jerod is currently in Timeline Theatre’s production of A Raisin in the Sun in which he Plays Walter Lee Younger. The show has had rave reviews. He dedicates his work to his Daughter Jalaiya!!!


Walter Lee Younger (played as a coiled spring by the excellent Jerod Haynes).”,0,4214570.column


5 Stars


“Jerod Haynes’s Walter thrums with ache and need for the world to take him and his ideas seriously; it’s a powerful, intensely felt performance.”


“As Walter, Jerod Haynes kinetically depicts a haunted dreamer who needs this family to keep (the dream) from exploding: His hunger for happiness is almost enough to excuse all the excesses he can’t quite avoid. (Forget Sidney Poitier and Ruby Dee: This play lives again right here in Lakeview.)”


Jerod prides himself on the work! Hopes he squeeze all he can out to see what he is made of.

Introducing Heron Rodriquez

I am Heron Rodriguez representing Hip-Hop and every ghetto in America. I am originally from Talladega, Alabama. Right now, I live on the road. Wherever there is a stage, recording studio or radio station, I can be found.
I love all music but my favorite is Hip-Hop/Rap. Coming up in a racist, impoverished area like Talladega County made me learn survival and hard work. I bring my story to not only America but also the world. I have been a child, son, father, brother, musician, athlete, drug dealer, thief, criminal, lover, fighter, etc. You name it and I have been through it. Come witness my story. From 2Pac to James Brown, my musical influences range far and wide. My new mixtape/EP is entitled In The Beginning God Created… You can find it on LiveMixtapes. My lead single “Hero” is catching fire around the country. Catch me on tour this fall up and down the east coast and out west as well as my origins: the south.
 Words by Heron Rodriquez
Edited and placements by Attica Lundy Cooper  

Purchase on iTunes






E.H.M.P.:  Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us today. Let’s start off with the meaning of your name MULA?

MULA: Thanks for having me…The name Mula was given to me, you have to earn a name like this. As a result Mula is also substitute for my original name Ms.Fit, which I decided to change because of a conflict of interest, and overall, a new beginning of this alternate self I have created. Lansky is something I added because, my father showed me the movie Mobsters and I fell in love with the character Meyer Lansky, who left a strong impression on me. He used his brains, I do too.


E.H.M.P.:  I had the pleasure of seeing your live performance of one of my fave tracks “Fly Away”. How important is your stage performance and how much time do you out into making sure you have a solid performance all the time?

MULA: Thank you! Flying away is one of my favs also. My stage performance is super important in the way that I must give my all every time all the time. I appreciate the love I get, so I return it, when I’m on stage. They say practice makes perfect, but the truth is, I don’t practice as much as I could lol.


E.H.M.P.: Tell me how you got involved with A.D. The General and Ms Fefe(N.A.B.) and the entire Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?


MULA: I got involved with A.D. and MS Fefe a little bit ago. I knew MS Fefe personally and she opened the door for the networking that took place. A.D. through a BBQ event that was off the chain might I add and everything started budding thereafter. I preformed at her events and good things have kept happening ever since.


E.H.M.P.:  Who and what inspires your music?

MULA: My music is inspired by the artists before me, my surroundings and personal experience. I have the opportunity to be amongst rap royalty. Rappers who haven’t gained a big name, rappers who just rap for their peoples. My fans out in South Africa and various other places in the world inspire me. People connect with you and you connect with people. You develop these relationships that in other circumstances would not have been. Social media and this rap platform I use inspires me to keep writing, and keep pushing, and helps me realize people like me, people like my music.


E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers listen to and download your music?

MULA: Some of my stuff is on youtube and I’m also working on and album called “LIPSTICK and LUGGAGE”, look out for that.


E.H.M.P.:  Tell me something the world doesn’t know about you?

MULA: The world doesn’t know that, if a door is closed I will find a way to open it, and I know the odds are against me but I kind of find joy in being the underdog.


E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and shout outs?

MULA: I’d like to shout out Elegant Hoodness, AD, Ms.Fefe, Lady Fellz, Superstar Fellz, Brooklyn, those who believe in me and my fans, I call them my Dolla Billz. The journey is just beginning !!!