Pass Key Choice Fans Nominate Attica Lundy AND On The Rise Magazine ATL’s Hottest


In 2013 AND 2014 I was nominated ATL’s Hottest Publicist; and I won!  On the award ceremony dates, things were all over the place for me, and multiple sclerosis was really getting to me, so I had to leave the Pass Key Choice Presents award ceremonies early without even receiving my awards.  They’ve held them for me.  Full circle, this year not only have I been nominated, but my On…

Featuring Mouse Sucks from Toronto, Canada


Mouse Sucks is an artist that has been featured a few times on On The Rise Radio’s “Hot or Not”.  We decided to add his submission to our roster and frankly, we’re loving his vibe.  His new project is really good.  Welcome, Canada!   My name’s Mouse Sucks. I’m a rapper/producer/videographer from Toronto, Canada currently living in Brampton. My latest self-produced EP ‘Justatethebootyandifeelgreat‘ which is available on iTunes Bandcamp and Spotify   The…

Inventionhome Lands Grandmother Olivia Fox Licensing Agreement


InventionHome announces the completion of their milestone 250th licensing agreement for a creative new children’s product invented by a grandmother of 17, Olivia Fox. I thought this story to be very interesting.  On The Rise can occur at any age, any time.  It takes the will to do something, and so many just are not willing to take the extra step.  Not the story for Olivia Fox. When others her…

Birthday Cake From Life Flower Dispensary


Cake, cake, CAKE! Hello to everyone from Denver. My name is Jai and I’m new to the On The Rise Magazine team.  I’m excited for this new adventure. I thought writing would be my least favorite but it is actually becoming my most favorite things to do. Sheesh talk about high school nightmares *quivers*. When I thought about what I wanted to write about I couldn’t think of ONE topic…

HOT OR NOT w/ Boss Lady @AtticaLundy Cooper & Queen Ifeelya ft Natural Red

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NATURAL RED MAKES HER ON THE RISE RADIO HOT OR NOT’s DEBUT It’s True.  Natural Red will be interviewing with Attica Lundy PResents On The Rise Radio’s “HOT OR NOT”. Hailing from the West Coast, Naturally Red is yet another storm to be reckoned with.  With catchy lyrics and striking beauty, Naturally Red is one to definitely be on the look out for.  She’s bringing in her new hit single…

Meet New Teen On The Scene Chey Cosmetics LLC CEO Destinee

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Edited by BossLady @AtticaLundy Cooper Interview with Destinee Joyner – Teen Entrepreneur  When my mother called and told me that a potential teen assignment coming up and I would get the assignment, I was thrilled. The youth scene isn’t given enough media attention and exposure in the On The Rise Community and I want to be one of the ones to change that.  I won’t take just any assignment, either, because one…

Wit It By Natural Red Hip Hop Star And Actress


On June 15, 2016 I had my first ON THE RISE RADIO telephone interview set up with Natural Red. This was unfortunately during the time of my move, and with being in and out of the wifi zone and not always near my laptop, I had to cancel.  Unfortunately at the last minute, too. This was a really important interview for me, too, because it was the first press day…

Food For Thought – The 45 Day Raw Food Diet Challenge

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It was on this very magazine that we first wrote about the Raw Food Challenge.  That was in September 2014, and the challenge then was only 30 days.  My husband and I were not seeking a challenge, but because the challenge was going on, we were encouraged through the fact that others were on the same mindset as us in terms of their dietary habits.  Because we were not doing…

AtticaLundyPR’s OnTheRiseRadio PResents The Blaq Hour Yin and Yang Conversations LIVE MONDAY MARCH 7, 2016 9-11pm est


About Tonite’s Show Monday March 7, 2016 Panel Prize (Promo, see instructions) Yin and Yang Conversations… There is much to be discussed when touching on the topic of relationships. The family needs healing and tonight’s guests have created a place to administer the salve. The Healing Circle for Women and Men is a group that promotes the divine masculine and feminine. We invite the driving personalities behind this happening to…

What’s Poppin In Atlanta? #WildCardWednesdays at Royal South Central

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What to do? What to do? Atlanta is certifiably the city of stars! There’s lights, glitter, fame, and parties all throughout the city. There’s a party on every block and a friendly face at every party. Atlanta is known for the night life!   One of the biggest downfalls of partying in Atlanta is that most parties are exactly the same. There’s nothing that sets them apart from one another….