“The Love Thy Neighbor” Event Hosted by Deno’s Cuts Of Atlanta. Exclusive by @TheOneTrueAngel

The act of giving back is the most admirable gift anyone could ever give. What a blessing it is to a person on the receiving end to relic in the goodness of the hearts of others. Especially in the day and age where kindness is far and few in between, and mostly forgotten. For others […]

@OnTheRiseMag Exclusive: @DoughFromDaGo States: He is “the NEXT EXECUTIVE TO BREAK IN THE BUSINESS”

Everybody is aware the flavor and originality that Chicago brings culturally, musically, and business wise to the table. The Stack Or Starve brand has been a staple not only in Chicago but nationally as well reaching global status. This brand has provided the platform some of your favorite artists in the independent world. You can […]

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Louisville’s Own: Photographer and Videographer Earl Malone

DreamsnIllusion The German born, Louisville resident, by way of El Paso, TX, Earl Malone has been a faithful contributor to On The Rise Magazine for over a year now. He was recruited by our MVP, Philly Blocks, and noted to be a creative head. Earl Malone is currently responsible for all of the photo shoots […]

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Dirty Fork DJs Founder, Cris Fork Talks “Trap Music”

With the first of the morning exclusive, it was such a pleasure to speak to Cris Fork of the Dirty Fork DJs. First and foremost, what I need people to know about Cris Fork, is that he is a humble servant of the On The Rise Community. Born and raised in Hopkinsville, Ky, currently Midwest […]

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Event Review: V103 LIVE @ Suite Lounge for “SuiteLife Fridays” in Atlanta

So, anyone that knows about Suite Lounge in Atlanta, GA is familiar that it used to be the old Luckie Lounge, years ago. The spot has a reminiscent vibe of elegance. It is glowing with beautiful scenery and an ambiance of sexy. Located at 375 Luckie St., Suite Lounge is the home to SuiteLife Fridays brought […]

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For Immediate Release King Gorgeous Breaks Down Dictionary Into a Wealth of 420 Words Oakland, CA born King Gorgeous has released an innovative e-book “The 420 Principles of Values” highlighting what he deems the most principle driven words in the dictionary. The recording artist, inventor, designer-turned author has dissected Webster’s word source, extrapolating an empowering value based […]

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Why you should add an avocado to your diet.

When I was a kid, I gagged at the thought of avocados. Gross.com! I think it was the texture, the smell, the consistency, whatever it was, there was no way I was eating an avocado. One day, Deartrapmary, Deartrapjesus, and yours truly were turning up at Atlanta’s best Raw, Organic, Vegan restaurant called Loving it […]

Need a Ride? Hire A Professional Driver! ATL

So it’s 5pm, traffic jam, and you need to make a move. I know, I know, it’s hard out here, so maybe you need a ride. Maybe you don’t feel like driving. Whatever the case, it’s better to just hire a driver.  Hire Tamika! Professional Driver, Tamika services the Metro Atlanta area. She is a […]

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Tha Cool Club and @Schweinbeck LLC Present: #TheFanBase

Tonight, The Department Store opens up its doors to the creative style of Atlanta sounds for the hot industry mixer and open mic, #TheFanBase. Atlanta holds many open mics every week. Hopefuls attend with the aspirations of meeting that one connect that will change their lives and pop off their career. Unfortunately, most open mics […]

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Meet Donnell Chandler and Big Dreams Entertainment

  Big Dreams Entertainment is a management company established in October 2014 in Atlanta, G.A. The founder and CEO, Donnell Chandler has taken no time getting the ball rolling and has already taken major steps to get the business flowing in. He has begun signing artists to his company and intends on keeping a small […]

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