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ASCAP: The ins and outs of registering with this PRO.

Hello again! Boy it’s such a beautiful Thursday here in the A! I’ve missed you all! Hope that you’re taking notes on this series so you can keep up with what’s happening! So last week, we were discussing BMI. I told you about the benefits of registering with them. Seems pretty legit, if you ask me… And since you’re reading this, well, I guess you’re asking me! Remember, there are 4 PROs that you have a choice to register with.Continue reading


Gotsta be Official! A few more steps to pursuing the business of the music.

  Greetings good friends! I have really been enjoying bringing education to the nation about becoming a Real player in this Music Game. I know a lot of people just simply don’t have the tools or the ability to gain the knowledge on whats required in the Music Business, but once again, have no fear! On The Rise Mag is here to help you… because we care. I’ve been ranting on and on for a few weeks now about how importantContinue reading


Getting paid for those shows yet? How bout a check for the radio play?

Hey hey! Hope your week has been splendid! I know mine has! I just wanted to take the time to talk to you a little more about this whole legitimization of your current music project. Last week, we were talking about song jackers. I was telling you all about how much it Sucks to get your music stolen by big artists. (Side note: if this has happened to you before, I want to know about it! I mean, it’s muchoContinue reading


Do want to get your music stolen or what?

  So here’s the thing, I’ve been doing promo for people for almost 10 years now. The majority of my clientele are music artists. I’ll be the first to say that I’m only speaking from my own opinions. These are not the views of On The Rise Magazine or its affiliates. To me, for someone to truly have a desire to pursue a career in music, they must do their research. This can be a very tricky game indeed, andContinue reading


BDE Artist TNT to Premiere “Lime & Coke” Video on Vevo!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! By @TheOneTrueAngel   Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents! It appears that Big Dreams Entertainment is at it again! Yes, that’s right! Right before the new year Pops, feature artist: TNT completes his first video, Lime & Coke, written and directed by: Donnell Chandler . Stay tuned! It’s set to debut January 5, 2016! Cheers! Watch and Comment on the Preview of Lime and Coke! 

Filthy Artwork

@PhillyBlocks interviews @RealFilthyRich

Philly: Who is Filthy Rich and how did you become involved with music? Filthy: For everyone that don’t know, my name is Filthy Rich. I am a rapper from the South suburbs of Chicago. I fell in love with music when I was a shorty. That’s the only thing that I ever really wanted to be a part of. If I can pinpoint one thing, It would have to be Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. Something reeled me in then becauseContinue reading

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“The Love Thy Neighbor” Event Hosted by Deno’s Cuts Of Atlanta. Exclusive by @TheOneTrueAngel

The act of giving back is the most admirable gift anyone could ever give. What a blessing it is to a person on the receiving end to relic in the goodness of the hearts of others. Especially in the day and age where kindness is far and few in between, and mostly forgotten. For others to correlate in the selflessness of giving money, goods, services, and time is truly appreciated. I came across a young man named Javarious “James” WilsonContinue reading

The Smoking Section

Broadway Smoke Shop 303

Broadway Smoke Shop 108 S. Broadway Street Denver, Colorado 80209 A photo posted by DJ MRS. @AtticaLundy Cooper (@atticalundy) on Oct 17, 2015 at 9:29pm PDT   On one of the busiest streets in south east Denver is South Broadway Street.  It’s the home of On The Rise Magazine’s newest locations, as well as the area’s happening spots.  From restaurants to bars to pubs, quirky artsy shops,  and more, the area provides a nice laid back scene.  The nightlife onContinue reading


Event Review: V103 LIVE @ Suite Lounge for “SuiteLife Fridays” in Atlanta

So, anyone that knows about Suite Lounge in Atlanta, GA is familiar that it used to be the old Luckie Lounge, years ago. The spot has a reminiscent vibe of elegance. It is glowing with beautiful scenery and an ambiance of sexy. Located at 375 Luckie St., Suite Lounge is the home to SuiteLife Fridays brought to you by Furious Ent., powered by Swirl. The grown and sexy event puts me in the mind of Monday nights at Tongue and GrooveContinue reading

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Why you should add an avocado to your diet.

When I was a kid, I gagged at the thought of avocados. Gross.com! I think it was the texture, the smell, the consistency, whatever it was, there was no way I was eating an avocado. One day, Deartrapmary, Deartrapjesus, and yours truly were turning up at Atlanta’s best Raw, Organic, Vegan restaurant called Loving it Live, the owner suggested that I try their ‘Stuffed Avocados’. Um, no. Then, DearTrapJesus says, “You never know, Angel, you really might like it!” Okaaaaay!Continue reading