Super Producer @AMrHankyBeat Joins the #ProjectRisen Mentor Team

Hanky4Serving the On The Rise Community is our job. We are experts at linking our clients with the right resources, situations, and mentors that will open doors and provide ultimate opportunities for them. We pride ourselves in creating solid relationships for our clients; the main way in which we facilitate these relationships is by providing the platform in which they can reach out and touch the greats of their industries. We have been fortunate enough, through a strong network and concrete database, to introduce our clients to the people who have been in their shoes and who will graciously offer advise on how to get to the next level in their careers.


Mr. Hanky, of Collipark music has a timeless sound that many artists such as Souja Boy, Travis Porter, Waka Flocka, V.I.C., and Lil’ Chuckee (just to name a few) have had the opportunity to launch their careers from. With an ear for music and a firm understanding of the needs of the entertainment industry, Mr. Hanky maintains an active library of thousands of beats, ready for the next big artist… or in our case for the next On The Rise Artist! An expert in the industry, Mr. Hanky has committed to providing the On The Rise Community with his insight and advise on the necessary steps they must achieve to reach their goals.

Catch Mr. Hanky LIVE with us at On The Rise Radio, starting this Saturday 3/21/15 at 5:30pm!

Follow us at @OnTheRiseRadio for updates!

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