#StateOfEmergency January 27, 2016 @BlaqKharma @OnTheRiseRadio What’s Really Going On In Flint

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ATLANTA, GA. – Jan 27, 2016


AtticaLundyPRs OnTheRiseRadio has returned back for another season to Blog Talk Radio debuting with the special two hour-long broadcast STATE OF EMERGENCY:  What’s Really Going On In Flint on “The Blaq Hour w/ @BlaqKharma” on Wednesday January 27, 2016 from 9pm to 11pm eastern standard time.  

WHERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ontheriseradio/2016/01/28/whats-really-going-on-in-flint OR 

(646) 716-4160

WHEN :  #HumpDay Wednesday January 27, 2016 at 9pm to 11pm eastern standard time (Atlanta, GA time)

WHAT:  STATE OF EMERGENCY:  What’s Really Going On In Flint discussion on @ontheriseradio

WHY: Public Outcry



The Blaq Hour first came to On The Rise Radio as the brainchild of host Blaq Kharma in December 2012.  Since then she’s brought to the scene politics, hip hop, poetry, parenting, and all around great conversation and music. She’s a hard core journalist, and tonight’s show was unplanned, as The Blaq Hour was set to first air again on February 1, 2016 Monday nights.  Tagged STATE OF EMERGENCY, Blaq Kharma has called for the immediate discussion at hand regarding Flint and the water crisis NOW.   

ladykhadijaTonight, we talk with resident Lady Khadija who says it’s time we started asking the right questions. Lady Khadija will be talking about what’s really going on in her home of Flint, and how the public can proactively help.  Hard questions will be asked, especially “What can be done in Flint? Are we willing to offer more than “prayers and positive energy”?” Some say it is time to demand accountability. Transparency is always helpful. Millions of gallons of water are coming into the city. We invite other Flint residents and world citizens to tune in and participate so that more awareness can be brought to Flint, the residents, the Water Crisis, and possible solutions.


STATE OF EMERGENCY:  What’s Really Going On In Flint on “The Blaq Hour w/ Blaq Kharma will air live Wednesday evening from 9pm to 11pm easter standard time online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ontheriseradio/2016/01/28/whats-really-going-on-in-flint or via phone at 646-716-4160. Call in to speak with the host/guests to weigh in.   The broadcast will be available after 11pm/est for download and playback at http://blogtalkradio.com/ontheriseradio , BlaqKharma.com, On The Rise Magazine.com, and partner sites.  Everyone is invited to participate in the show by calling in on the phone lines and being counted.  Whatever the outcome of the discussion, there is power in numbers so show up to show out.  

“We need distribution and every family needs different things.”

–Lady Khadeejah

Call in tonight

The city needs a fix.  A real fix is replacing the water infrastructure. What else is in the water?  No one has addressed the real issue. Call for accountability can help with that. People following up with the agencies they donate to can help that. Your voice is worth more than any money can buy right now.  Tonight, we talk with a resident who says it’s time we started asking the right questions. Use your voice.
Words by …the people, Blaq Kharma, Lady Khadija, and Bosslady Attica Lundy Cooper



CASTING OPPORTUNITY : If you would like to be cast as a guest star on this show, please email OnTheRiseMag.Submit@gmail.com before Wednesday January 27, 2016 no later than 7pm/est with (STATE OF EMERGENCY:  What’s Really Going On In Flint) in the subject.  

Include in the email who you are, where you are from, Your thoughts on the Flint Water Crisis  in ten words or less, and the phone number you will be calling the show from (including the area code).  

Chosen Cast members will receive a confirmation email and will receive one free social media promo blast shout out from multiple accounts or a promo mention on tonight’s show which will also be available via show playback. (Station will decide on which) so please include any promo material for consideration (jpgs, website links, social media links, etc.   


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