Stage Alert: I’ll Be Home For Christmas Starring Nicholas Miller

With the holiday season at hand, there are a lot of fun-filled family events to enjoy.  Langston Hughes High School , located in Fairburn, GA has a two-night event in store for the holidays.

The LLHS Box Theatre presents “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on December 5th and 6th at 7pm.  Show tickets are only $5.00 each.

Since NICHOLAS MILLER  has a starring role as one of the main cast members (and he is my son), I was able to snag a quick interview from him after the debut night (THURSDAY) of the play, along with the help of my daughter MISS MOON THE STAR.  He was tight lipped about the play itself, ensuring that his mother would go and see it for herself. I plan on attending this evening.

Christmas Poster

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Who is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” written by?

Nicholas Miller:  The Acting II Class wrote I’ll Be Home For Christmas (an original screen play)

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Is this your first performance in a play?

Nicholas Miller:  No, I did I did one with Ms. Woods last year, and prior to that I’ve always somehow landed roles, even when I didn’t want to be a part of it.

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : What’s an inside scoop?

Nicholas Miller: Crazy stuff goes on behind the scenes

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : How did you feel on stage?

Nicholas Miller:  Weird

OTR/@AtticaLundy Miss Moon The Star: Were you nervous?

Nicholas Miller:  Yeah

OTR/@AtticaLundy  How do you think you did?

Nicholas Miller:  I think I did good.  I did BAD.  No, I think I did good.

Why is the play only two days

Was it a lot of work?

Nicholas Miller:  Yeah, we had to write it.  Whoooa..are you…is this…is this an interview?!

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Yes, it is ( ha ha).  Who constructs the set?

Nicholas Miller:   She ( Mrs. Vann-Wagner)  has a backstage crew.  They go in the back and build props, platforms..we built stairs, etc.

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : In acting class are u taught to act

Nicholas Miller:   Yes

OTR/ @AtticaLundy  I know this sounds like a strange questions, but….Does the acting class actually teach you how to act?

Nicholas Miller:  Background on acting, improv,’s really about trying to break out of your shell.  That’s the process.  It’s a class that teaches acting.  This play was a part of our Acting II grade.  We had to write it, and to do what it takes to perform it.

OTR @MissMoonTheStar :  Did you feel uncomfortable having people stare at you?

Nicholas Miller:  Tonight was an off night.  Because we’re still kids, Thursday night is our slow night.  Most people will come to the Friday night show.  Just in case we’re super nervous, we go in knowing that there won’t be as many people so it’s not as much stress.  Friday night we know is a bigger night, if that makes sense.  We’ll be ready.


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