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S’scents by Savol Curry

Savol Curry

Savol Curry, an entrepreneur located in Atlanta, GA is proud to present “S’scents” 100% Natural Infused Aromatherapy products.  S’scents carries aromatherapy products that are completely organic. Completely as in not partially organic.  From soy candles to massage candles to even infused incense, S’scents has a nice selection of aromatherapy to appeal to the senses.

There’s a big market for organic products especially ones that are claiming to be all organic. I spoke with Savol on some of these items and she agrees that  some in the market are not completely organic, However she assures me that her products are. Her website which serves as her main storefront contains all of her products.  

  To better describe it, I’ll use her own beautiful words.

“The Essence of Life is the Beauty of Living…”

After 14 years of military service growing into my-Self was utterly the hardest challenge I’d face. Stripping away ALL the labels used to define me. Living in the truth of me felt  seemingly impossible, one thing is true, the military is great at stunting individual growth and altering focus from Self especially when you enter undeveloped… as you ultimately grow to be “who” they want you to be. Restricted and restrained by financial constraints and life’s uncertainty years past by me. At times I’d ask myself, what was I created to be? Why am I not happy? What is my purpose? How do you live and love life completely??

Then she answered;

“truth is, we were created to be….. free”

Mind, Body, Spirit

S’scents is the outward expression of my inner Self, an infinite flame. A place to rest in the peace of living naturally. As Creators, we create the life we see. I want to create an atmosphere of peace, love and tranquility naturally. At times the struggles in this life overtake our emotions resulting in a feeling of no escape, they weigh down our heart and we become consumed in the issues we see. Life is sometimes anything but sweet, my biggest lessons learned from sharing the heart of me, at river that flows endlessly. I want to share a secret to Serenity; Develop the Mind, Feed the Body, Fuel the Spirit.. Growth spiritually is the evolution of life, break free. Happiness for me? living complete in my being, not in search of anything. Free from the bind of what life “should” be and the blind search for the “American Dream”. Develop; Mind, Body, Spirit, manifest my Supreme. Create life by living completely. Release the fear size of a mustard seed, simply live and appreciate the gift of being. As I learned my Self to free myself I consciously listened to my heart, what, how and why it spoke. I listened to the words it didn’t say and let it guide my way.

A love so deep, it set me free..

Mind, Body, Spirit

As reflection consumed me it revealed the preparation phases of me, to be something greater than the “I” could see. My metamorphosis through the 4 stages of life, were inevitably transforming me to

ultimately spread my wings.

A Butterfly of The Most High

 Live in love completely… The Breath of life is in the air we breathe,

Create an atmosphere of love, an Aroma so sweet…

Breathe life beautifully.

“Let everything you do be done in Love”

AIR`OMA Portable Aromatherapy Products

I had an opportunity to interview Ms. Savol Curry about her newest organic venture.  Speaking with her I could sense how much love went into her products and into her brand.  Here is an excerpt from our interview.

Q: ALC/OTRM:  The About Us section of your website is beautiful.  If your candles were a dream vacation, where would they be.

A: Savol Curry: The Caribbean. My soul resonates with the Caribbean.

Q: ALC/OTRM: When did you first begin interested in making candles?

A: Savol Curry:  I first became interested in it August of 2016.

Q: ALC/OTRM: What are some of the issues that you encounter while making your candles?

A:  Savol Curry:  The wick.  The wick is the most challenging for me as well as exact potency.

Massage Candles Available

Q:  ALC/OTRM:  Where did you learn to make candles?

A: Savol Curry: Hobby Lobby offered a candle kit, and I’m the Google Queen; and here we are today.

Q: ALC/OTRM: Are you a collector of things?

A: Savol Curry: (laughs) Yes, I am.  I collect Shot Glasses.  I turn them into candles now, but shot glasses and artwork.

Q: ALC/OTRM:  What is your favorite candle?

A: Savol Curry: Lemon Grass because of the scent.

Q: ALC/OTRM:  Who did your first candle sale go to?

A: Savol Curry:  My first sale was very humbling indeed.  A soldier at my job purchased one.

Q:  ALC/OTRM: Where are your candles available to the public for purchase?

A:  Savol Curry: Primarily on and various event vendor tables everywhere.

Q: ALC/OTRM: What are some of the other products you sell?

A: Savol Curry: Scents Natural has natural infused soy wax melts, oil diffusers, infused incense,  diffuser jewelry, and other aromatherapy products.

Q: ALC/OTRM: What are your 2017 goals?

A: Savol Curry: To Launch a website. To have a solid foundation in aromatherapy. To be able to think on a more corporate level. To have 10 small businesses carry my products.

To shop S’Scents, please visit

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