Spoken Word Fight! Poetry and Passion

  Passion Where It Counts

When you think of rap or hip hop, seldom do you think of poetry.  I don’t know why.  It’s never made sense to me that music isn’t always classified as poetry.  

I listen.  Listen to songs.  Digest the lyrics.  Process the depths of emotion that I hear.  I am in tune with it all. The beat and the melody. Twitter handle @Young_Deuces, Young Sneed of SNYD brings art to information. Appreciate his efforts. I’ve always loved SNYD’s music (played on On The Rise Radio) and now Young Sneed has really stepped off into another lane.


  “Fight!” stems from the constant injustices against Black lives in the United States of America.  In Milwaukee, WI  a black male named Jay Anderson was also shot and killed by the police while sleeping in his own car at night.  As with many others, Young Sneed takes the stand that it’s unlawful, unnecessary and “down right wrong”.  He is one artist among many who are taking a stand on the violence being perpetrated towards the Black community.  He is not afraid to speak out against it, and his delivery is very passionate. 

As usual, the officer was not not convicted and the video/audio was not released for the public. The official statement is “The officer feared for his life.” In light of that and everything else that is going on, a Milwaukee emcee, Young Deuces , took to his pen to express his frustration, thoughts & concerns in a video (directed by Von Harris Productions) entitled “FIGHT!” #Justice4Jay

Young Sneed speaks to America on what it’ll take for unity to be.  Unity should be a reality when speaking of “United States”.  Jumping on board the peace cries for the world, Young Sneed states “I’ll fight for you, so come and fight for me”.

Edited by Kala Diarra Ali @mylogosmedia

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