Sound Oracle Speaks at Summit for Music Makers in Funkhaus, Germany

Sound Oracle Speaks at Ableton Loop Summit for Music Makers


On Sunday, November 6, at 17:30 – 18:45 at Hall 2, Sound Oracle will be discussing “Don’t Be A Music Snob” and “Studio Session with Sound Oracle” at the “Loop Summit for Music Makers by Ableton” in Funkhaus Berlin. Sound Oracle is best known as the producer and chief sound designer for multi-platinum producer Timbaland. Sound Oracle’s work has appeared in productions for the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera.

Don’t be a Music Snob is a discussion about listening and learning from different genres. This will include a selection of Loop artists and sound engineers. They will share some of their favorite bits of insights. Share different perspectives on how to listen led by a panel of music makers. They will dissect examples of great songwriting. Give insights on sound design. Explain musical theory, and top-notch audio engineering in some of the most unexpected places.The Studio Session is an opportunity to get a close-up insight. Into the production processes and creative thinking of Sound Oracle. This session will be a free-form session allowing Sound Oracle to show his music. Deconstruct his processes. And walk you through some of the creative steps. That he takes in making his music.

The Loop by Ableton is a three-day summit for Music Makers.


That aims to exchange ideas about cutting edge music, technology, and creative practices. This summit is a collective effort of how making music is today, and what its future holds. The most thrilling advances in music were collaborative collections of many talents.This summit will hold discussions, performances, presentations, studio sessions, and interactive workshops. Get inspired by watching how other artists work and give insights. Then, you get to meet music creators from all over the world.

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