Who Is Soccradz da Don?

Soccradz da Don(Soc-cra-deez) is CEO and marquee artist of the independent label Yenom Records, which began showcasing music during 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona,This multi-talented creative spirit has gained a nationwide following for songs which make a deep,thoughtful commentary on the harsh realities of life growing up.  Always moving forward,he continues reaching new audiences, and brings a sharp, fresh, unforgettable style to the industry. Socc is also an accomplished R & B composer, producer, and innovator, who overcame doing time in prison, and has now to taken his life in an uplifting, positive direction. In addition to Hip Hop Mogul & multi platinum producer Swizz Beatz, Soccradz has also worked with Grammy nominee producer Jaywan, West Coast Legendary artist Kokane,Cassidy,Chingo Bling & Flipmode Squad’s Rampage.

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