See What Tia Marie Had to Say About Her #30DaysInTheRaw Experience!

It seems as if everyone is participating in #30DaysInTheRaw: A Raw Food Challenge for a Healthy Life! It has been welcoming experience as all different people embark on this journey for so many different reasons. I came across a young lady named Tia Marie who is an avid “raw food photo poster, ” so quite naturally, I was intrigued. I had to ask her about her experience and if it was as easy as she makes it look! Here’s what Tia Marie had to say about her experience:

OTR Angel – Hi there! How are you today?

Tia – I’m wonderful! Thank you for asking!

 Tia Marie


OTR Angel – How has this #30DaysInTheRaw experience been for you?

Tia – The 30 days in the RAW has been challenging, but as the seasons change it is natural for me to want to adjust my eating habits to detox and reset my body.


OTR Angel – What motivated you to participate?

Tia –  Sugar has been a long-term addiction of mine, So i was motivated to try to kick the habit, again. After a long summer of cakes, ice cream and tequila my liver was yearning for help and there is no better way than to nourish it with living food.


OTR Angel – What has your favorite meal been?


tia made2

(Raw Spaghetti)

Tia – So far my favorite has been a toss-up between the raw spaghetti and the corn chowder and okra. Both flavorful and comforting.


OTR Angel – Would you consider a Raw food diet for life?

Tia – I would not eat only RAW food for the rest of my life. I could increase the volume of raw food into my life, you know what they say…balance is more attainable than rigid food rules.


OTR Angel – Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Tia- Thank you for the opportunity!


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