N.A.B.: Open up by telling our audience who Big $pade is and how you came to be who you are today.

SPADE: Motivated and inspirated artist from Savannah, Ga. My motto is #play2win its not a option to lose. I go hard for the W. That’s me plan and simple.

N.A.B.: Play 2 Win is your latest mix tape out correct? Elaborate some on that and how it all came about, who’s featured etc.

SPADE: Yes, its diverse. If you play 2 win this is your guide. I had a lot of fun making it cuz I was me. All hustlers and go gettas will understand and feel Play 2 Win. Guest appearance from Trife Boss, Big Vo, Young Vett, and it was hosted by Cj the Dj available on datpiff now.

N.A.B.: What else have you been doing? Any shows and or radio plays as of yet?

SPADE: Gearing a group project with some playa partnas Vett, Nhu, VP, & P. Rogers. 3M Money Making Mob. Be on the look out for that this Nov. I have a few shows coming up. Stay tune. I’m also producing and managing artist at this time. I’m really considering working on the administration side of the business.

N.A.B.: You’ve been acquainted with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program for quite some time now. How has that experience been? Give us insight on what they put forth for an artist like yourself.

SPADE: Its been a great experience from top to bottom. I’d developed great relationship with different artist, producers, etc. Ad set me up right. She work hard for everybody and I salute and will always be gracious for her and her staff

N.A.B.: Tell us what’s in the making presently?

SPADE: 3M(Money Making Mob), Getting Thorough Ent to prominence. I’m also in negotiations with Ivanabitch. Trying to land an endorsement deal. Major Moves are being made. #play2win baby.

N.A.B.: How can we keep acquainted in all that you do?

SPADE: Facebook:spademiddleton, twitter:spade923, IG:young_cornell_jones, reverberation:spade912 Big $pade aka Young Cornell Jonez #play2win is a brand.

Written by Special Gift (N.A.B.) Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2013

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