Rising Songstress Ambri Inks App Deal with The8App and Releases Her New Captivating Single “Wouldn’t Be”

Fresh from releasing a powerful cover of James Brown’s classic hit “Man’s World,” Brooklyn native Ambri inks a deal with The8App and releases her captivating new single “Wouldn’t Be” which is now available on iTunesThe8App gives the individual full control and visibility into the impact they can make. Through The8App ecosystem, direct conversations between brands and the individual are facilitated, which build genuine relationships that lead to authentic brand campaigns.  Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO of The8App says of Ambri joining The8App family, “It’s an honor to have Ambri on 8!”  R&B Superstar Usher is an investor of the app and Calvin Klein is a huge supporter and uses the app for his current campaigns.

Ambri’s soulful vocals on “Wouldn’t Be”‘ is quite impressive, her lyrics are emotional, intense, powerful yet vulnerable. “Wouldn’t Be” will definitely resonate with women who are struggling with leaving a no good man. When asked what inspired her to write “Wouldn’t Be” Ambri stated, “I’ve always been passionate about women empowerment. Today, women are so heavily influenced by social media that they allow likes and even men to validate their worth. I wanted to create a song that actually empowers women, gives them the confidence and even reminds the man just how powerful and strong the woman is. Being able to put a new and fun twist on such a classic song was just the icing on the cake! “
The rising star is currently hard at work recording new music, taking interviews and gracing the red carpet at celebrity functions and industry mixers.
Follow @ItsAmbri on The8App to listen to her music, follow her journey to producing her forthcoming EP and to receive sponsorship offers from brands that love Ambri and support her mission of female empowerment!
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