Rising Model: Sonja Model Anthony


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not hard to behold the beauty of Ms. Sonja Model Anthony. This beautiful face is no stranger to the demands of the industry, as ‘Model’ is her middle name. She is the beauty you have all seen in full page spreads of Upscale Magazine. She has been featured in Hype Hair Magazine and on Beauti Collection 2 packaging. The Sonja Model Anthony has been making major moves across the big screen too. She has also been spotted in commercials for Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal as well as commercials for your favorite international theme park chain, Six Flags


The beautiful young model maintains a strong spirit and an optimistic mindset. She will be the first to tell you she has had her share of hiccups in this industry. “I was a part of an agency called HD the Agency for almost a year and I found out that the money I was supposed to get for a couple jobs I booked was never paid to me and checks were already cashed. When I confronted the owner, he gave me (and other models) the run-around and I was never paid by him.” A tricky, tricky, game indeed, the model maintained tough skin and bounced back, as resiliently as before. Having appeared in “Being Mary Jane”, working on the set of “Single Ladies”, and even providing radio drops for radio stations such as Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, Sonja Model Anthony is claiming her stake as a multi-faceted Brand of her own.


The most impressive aspect of this gorgeous beauty’s resume is her mentorship to young models. “I’ve already mentored young girls and I’ve been a runway trainer, so I want to use those skills and more to focus on developing young talent.” Her goal in life is to own her own successful modeling agency. Looking to her mother and father as her role models, the young model is no stranger to perseverance and hard work. She undoubtedly believes in herself and molds her career to follow greats such as Tyra Banks, Jessica White, Adriana Lima, Iman, and Naomi Campbell.


On The Rise to be a world renowned model, entrepreneur, and icon, Sonja has been consistently taken the industry by storm for the past 8 years. She declares that she got her God sent confirmation that she was on the right path in her career as she defines her moment as “when I got my first magazine booking [in] Upscale Magazine [in a] Dr. Miracle’s editorial ad.” She has worked with nearly every photographer in Atlanta but specifically marvels over the work of her official favorite, Russell James, the Victoria’s Secret photographer.


As an experienced model, Sonja has a bit of advice for women that are where she was 8 years ago: “DO YOUR RESEARCH! You may think you know what you’re doing but you have no idea. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Even if you feel you are a pro, there’s still always a lot to learn. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. If you’re approached with something that’s against your integrity and standards or you just don’t want to do it, don’t do it. Plain and simple.” Humble, hardworking, modest, dedicated, persistent, and ready, The Sonja Model Anthony will be a name you know and a Brand you recognize.


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