Risen with Super-Producer Mr. Hanky

Rapper Philly Blocks Meets with Collipark Superproducer Mr. Hanky


Date: August 4th, 2014

Location: Collipark Studios, ATL


Nearing the strike of midnight, where else should you find a superproducer? The studio of course. Mr. Hanky showed his generosity by taking a last minute meeting with indie Louisville rapper, Philly Blocks. The meeting was nothing short of golden and appreciated.


Mr. Hanky revealed his view on the music industry, his Atlanta roots, and how the indies rise up. He spoke of the come up of big artists like Wiz Khalifa, Hurricane Chris and Gucci Mane. Wiz bought his way up through strategic placement in big name venues. Gucci (who Hanky knew growing up) went through the streets on foot day and night, distributing heavily. He also talked about how the music industry is a revolving door with company executives jumping from company to company often, and the artist getting the lesser hand if they don’t watch out.


Observations and experiences also led him to give the advice of always having a wow factor. Every big artist we know has a characteristic that is unique our outrageous that makes them easy to remember and point out. Another way to get the “wow factor” kicking is to get people to notice you in a way that makes them wonder if you are somebody important. This includes stunts such as dressing up and looking important and rich for the night in a VIP section. Make everyone notice you, and wonder if they’re missing something, “perception is reality”, explains the experienced superproducer. All-in-all “you just have to have fun with it.”

When it comes to business it is about how hard you work and how many people you can get to talk about/hear you, even just to see your name. Superproducer Mr. Hanky states that whether they hate you or love you, at least they are talking about you. It’s free press and distribution. Either listeners will wonder who this person is that everyone hates and why, or what is it that makes everyone love you. Nicki Minaj, Gucci and Iggy Azalea started out as hated disgraceful rappers, but they are thanking everyone now for opening their negative mouths. There will always, no matter what, be people that dislike you, Maybe about 50%. It’s impossible for everyone to like you. Lovers are gained as much as haters are gained, and it becomes so much talk to the point where it’s impossible to not spin your record. Do not worry about the haters.
Mr. Hanky left Philly Blocks and crew the advice to never let up, because even when it seems like no one cares, there is ALWAYS somebody watching. They are watching to see if you can be consistent and if you will give up. They will see if you outwork everyone, and eventually they will speak up and it will all be worth it. Hanky could tell the Philly Blocks had the ambition and he’s ready to support the work that Philly puts out or give advice. A 30-minute last minute meeting, turned into hours of amazing conversation. It was a night Philly Blocks will never forget.

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