Risen: “Rap City” @ Magic City with Philly Blocks and Young Lock

Louisville Rappers Philly Block and Young Lock perform at Magic City

Date:Wednesday October 8th, 2014

Location: Magic City


Wednesdays mark the day where locals and rappers flock to the one and only Magic City, to present their talent to Atlanta. The prestigious adult entertainment venue presents Rap City where artists are given one song, one chance to get the crowd on their side. This Wednesday, they weren’t expecting the force coming fresh from Louisville, KY.

Philly Block and Young Lock came hot off the highway to Magic City, eager to show Atlanta their talents and why they are the crowd pleasers. Of course they supported the club and the girls with flexible talents of their own. Their first trip to Magic City wasn’t taken for granted in any way.

While waiting for their spotlight they also linked  up with DJ X-Rated and Mike Fresh and others out for Rap City. There was a great amount of people providing many ears to listen, eyes to witness and bodies to bounce. Young Lock and Philly Blocks “set the tone for the night”.

First up was Philly Block with his track, “Pimp C of My City”. The song had the ladies throwing their hands up and men nodding their head in approval before the lyrics even dropped. Philly left no option but for people to watch and vibe to his performance. He received all good vibes and shined the floor for the next performance, Young Lock.

Young lock came out and wasn’t about to let the spark die. Lock came on stage with high energy performing his single “Doing my Thang”. He rocked the whole stage and made it rain singles at the same time. Magic City was loving the Louisville Rappers.

Atlanta “the turn up” city, got what they wanted with Young Lock and Philly Blocks. They fit in well.


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