RISEN: Artist Mr. Too Smoov 2016

It was this quote that resonated and molded his perception on what an artist is: An artist is what a musician becomes once they become successful and completely forget what being a musician is. That statement spoke volumes to  Wayne “Too-Smoove” Hobbs early on in his adolescence. It is safe to say that that his walk with music became official on that day.  His fate was sealed when a female acquaintance called him “Smoov”. He took the compliment and ran with it.

 The Louisville, Kentucky front man began writing poetry and listening to all kinds of Hip Hop. Tupac, Master P, E-40 and TIP were a few of the favorites he took notes from and studied musically. Once he found his sound, Smoov made the move to do more recording.  He found a way to blend his imagination, thoughts, gains and struggles into songs.   His life experiences evolved into an image that seeks to uplift. Too Smoov spits the lyrical hymns from a young black man trying to “make it”.  After growing up slightly troubled, he made a  decision to do better with his life. He turned it all around while establishing a creative path, Too – Smoov is in control. He shares the common interest of “doing better” with his squad Stoopid Swagg.


   Too Smoov is multi-dimensional. It is his flavorful blend of Hip-hop and gangsta rap that is the right ingredient that the music game needs right now. For Smoov, it isn’t about being famous. For him, it’s about having fun, putting on a “Stoopid” show,  and being heard.  Music is deeply embedded in his roots. He Comes from a family that carried on the same musical, and artistic passions that he shares today.  In addition to creating music, he a dedicated father  who admits he also likes to cook and read.

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