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Through the tough exteriors of a self-made mogul in progress reveals the inner makings of a self-sufficient young man with a plan of attack. American rapper, Brandon ‘M-1 Muzik’ Bell hails from Louisville, KY. He prides himself with having his priorities intact and being a step ahead of the game. Equipped with a multimedia 10845900_10204014434339488_3984880044705501541_ncompany and a record label, M-1 Muzik does not have to wait for anyone to produce his songs, engineer his tracks, record his visuals, edit his footage, or shoot his photos. He is pretty much the man behind the scenes, executing functions. M-1 Muzik gladly puts in long hours perfecting his music and visuals as he paves the way for the 6 other members of his company, Open Minded Media Group.


Well rounded and versatile, M-1 Muzik has found love and passion in making hits. The rapper recalls being influenced by oldies, R&B, and rap growing up and was introduced to the art of rap by the age of 9 by his older brother. A solid introduction to the sounds of Tupac Shakur further sculpted the content of a young M-1. Today, his lyrics are not themed, but are as random and flowing as his everyday life. M-1 raps about reality. Conscious and creative, the rapper takes the time to make sure his lyrics have meaning and are relatable to the young man who lives in the darkest neighborhood with no real opportunities for getting out. His lyrics are bold and fiery; No topic is off limits as he blazes tracks that spark a reaction. In most of his songs, his pain is evident.

M-1’s love for music is inspired by the reality that everyday is not promised. In his ballad, “I’m Praying”, M-1 pours out his prayers and admits “sometimes I question why He gave me a second chance at life”. M-1 appreciates that second chance, literally speaking and values his life, never to take for granted, because the reality is that he was shot at point blank range, and left for dead. He didn’t hit the streets in retaliation; He hit the studio and put his pain into words. He looks at every instance of hardship as another obstacle to overcome- a new notch in his belt to say “I made it through.” A team player, his main concern is the well being of his team, “My immediate career goals are to be financially stable as well as to have OMMG touring with at least two successful albums.” This young man has a story to tell. A true story to tell.

A valiant testimony of a Cinderella story in the making, M-1 Muzik makes strides to keep it moving despite complications. He keeps himself grounded and focuses the individual areas of improvement that he and his team need to attain. He is humble and aware that for every action, there is an equal or greater reaction, and that if he 10552613_10203110050410455_7140644550347473661_nexpects his fans to grow and support to build, he must be more persistent. He is aware that his day to day rigor must be more aggressive than the day before. Being his own greatest critic, he does not accept substandard mediocrity in anything, especially not his performances: “I rate my [performance] a 7 because I want to do more at every show…As far as improvements go, I need to be more relaxed, so I am working on that,” he says. Open to criticism and ready to adjust himself, he has enlisted in the PR services of Attica Lundy Cooper, the Internationally Accredited Publicist and Brand of her own. M-1 Muzik has set himself up for success and proudly represents his label-mates in a positive light.

What does this new year have in store for Mr. Brandon M-1 Muzik Bell? Success and productivity for sure! Pumping off of the momentum from his mixtape, Murder Mixtape 5, released on December 25, 2014, the rapper has a head start on progress and productivity. M-1 is excited about collaborations and joint projects; He looks forward to creating masterpieces with like-minded musicians. Featured on label mate, I Feel Ya’s banging single, ‘Or Nah’, the musician wears many hats, in this instance, he is a manager and marketing analyst, “We are looking to set up a college tour, then a worldwide tour,” he adamantly insists. He is focusing on bigger and greater than 2014.


As the story ensues, the small town lyricist embarks upon a journey like no other. He takes risks and chases undeniable dreams. He secures his destiny and stops at nothing to attain his rank, status, and Divine Destiny. He learns all that he can and applies his knowledge to maintain full creative control of his future projects and business moves. M-1 Muzik knows he will reach his high goals. In his mind, he has no choice but to excel. He is the first to admit that without music, he would be dead or incarcerated. That’s real. Just as real as the lyrics that M-1 Muzik blesses his fans with.


As of 2014, artist M-1 Muzik is currently on the RISEN media tour and is accepting media interviews per request at DearTrapMary@gmail.com (publicist Attica Lundy Cooper). He has clean and explicit music available upon request. M-1 Muzik is also available for speaking engagements and community events.  He welcomes any and all attempts to reach out to him. For Show and Appearance Booking contact  DearTrapJesus@gmail.com (Risen Mgr Rafael Cooper).

To Send Beat Submissions and Feature Requests please email  OpenMindedMediaGroup@Gmail.com

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