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     Born to a home that kept Billie Holiday and the oldies stations in heavy rotation, Miss Ophelia Spencer delivers a positive energy that resonates deeply within the young artist’s spirit. “Rap music was not allowed in my home”, says the rapper. Although she was not brought up on heavy rap music, Ophelia often reminisces times of her youth when she spent hours writing poems. Taking the time to play with her sound and finding rhythm and patterns in her speech, Ophelia found love in spoken word. A familiar closeness to an art that held a deep relation of real lyricism and unique flows, poetic flow and hip hop are nearly identical in spirit. Falling into the compositions of the 90’s greatest, Missy Elliot, the youngster developed an admiration for the forbidden fruit found in rap music.




Rap Music: It was an undoubted passion that she found. She loved the music, the beats, and the vibrations her heart felt when the lyrics became entangled with the sound. As she became more enthralled in the art of music, she began to crave the feeling she got as she gripped the mic in her hand as she blazes melodic wordplay over symphonious melodies and bass-felt drops. She knew she was called to be a performer. “It was just natural for me to be involved in lyricism”, says Ophelia. Wet behind the ears and ready to experience the wonders that the industry entailed, Miss Ophelia Spencer became ‘I Feel Ya’, the lyrical genius.

10341707_742663755769454_3733194473693127816_n      Constantly working on her sound, she produces meaningful lyrics and strong concepts that serve the story line of the lyricist’s motivational delivery. Always ready to learn, she takes on the student mentality and absorbs information like a sponge, assuring perfection in each verse.  With many talents up her sleeve, the rapper also doubles as a vocalist. “The first song I ever really sang was actually a country song by Faith Hill called ‘Breathe'”, recalls the entertainer. I Feel Ya obviously writes her own music. She is a spiritually influenced artist, so her words have power and meaning. She is excited about writing and the passion is inspired by her love for her two daughters.

She describes her music as different, kind of hood – classy if you will, but she will tell you, she’s definitely not ‘gangsta.’ Her content is random, it really just 10731094_751662351536261_9079213310895245679_ndepends on what she is feeling or what she is experiencing at the time, her music is clearly about real life. She stays grounded and focused – ready for the next step, eager to accomplish any goals on her list and conquer any obstacles that may attack. She’s not defensive to criticism and maintains an open mind to change. She paired forces with Open Minded Media Group’s CEO Brandon “M-1 Muzik” Bell in 2009 and has been sitting back writing an arsenal of material ever since, just preparing for her debut.



            Today, you can find the multitalented performer touring the cities of Atlanta and Macon in the GA Market.  She is doing the behind the scenes groundwork to put her in the right place with the right people. She is a member of Attica Lundy Cooper’s Project Risen Program sponsored by On The Rise Magazine.  A smart Scorpio, I Feel Ya attributes her intelligence and patience to the reality of her environment: ‘the stay on your toes and move’ type of environment.  She is used to the hustle, seeing as how she is a resident of Louisville, K.Y., birthed by St. Louis, M.O .in late Nov, 1985.



 I Feel Ya has what it takes to make it. She is inwardly and outwardly confident in herself and she defines success as happiness and love for what she is doing. She’s fresh to the stage, as she has just 1511460_760834243952405_4383479734520866802_nannihilated her first performance through Project Risen in Macon, GA at Sparks Night Club. She decided that she loves the stage! She gained many fans that night and she describes her experience as one where they “Give love and show love… the real kind.” She invites positivity and genuine supporters.

I Feel Ya is definitely On The Rise. Her patience and precision to the perpetuation of her perfection has officially awarded her the opportunity to progress in her career!



 As of 2014, artist I Feel Ya is currently on the RISEN media tour and is accepting media interviews per request at DearTrapMary@gmail.com (publicist Attica Lundy). She has clean and explicit music available upon request. Our darling I Feel Ya is also available for speaking engagements and community events, and she absolutely loves interacting with the public.  She welcomes any and all attempts to reach out to her. For Show and Appearance Booking contact  DearTrapJesus@gmail.com (Risen Mgr Rafael Cooper).

To Send Beat Submissions and Feature Requests please email IFeelYaTheArtist@Gmail.com


Project RISEN is proud to Present

                                   I Feel Ya

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