Risen Artist Cadence Turns Passion into Profit.


Jumping into the industry can be challenging. The reality is, if someone focuses on music as a career path, chances are they are passionate about it. That’s where it can get a little tricky – knowing how to turn Passion into Paychecks and Profit.

                Project Risen Artist, Cadence experienced her first tour to Atlanta and Macon in December of 2014. The young songstress geared up and purchased marketing material upon her arrival to Atlanta. Cadence purchased flyers and CDs to distribute to the new fans she would meet on this tour. Most artists decide to disperse their CDs through hand to hand distribution, but Cadence had a better idea. Cadence sold her CDs to any and every one she came across.cds

                Cadence presented her CDs to everyone in the vicinity and successfully sold each of her CDs. She was excited to find that the cities of Atlanta and Macon welcomed her with open arms and happily purchased her CD. She set up shop at Sparks Night Club! It must have been her grind that was alluring because many people approached her about buying a CD. The support was evident and the singer admits “It felt awesome to know how many people really enjoy my music and support my career.”

artist support

       Valuable lessons are learned through Project Risen and unit sales are the ultimate goal. We salute Cadence for fiercely facing the crowd and diving in to receive the support and outcome she demanded. Cadence’s ability to network, shake hands, and secure endorsements from strangers turned fans, resulted in over a 450% profit. Securing a stable plan of action, Cadence journey has started off on the right foot. Congratulations to Cadence for turning Passion into Profit.


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