Review of Young Lock’s “Real Deal” Mixtape

Young Lock’s “Real Deal” Mixtape Review

Written by Ifeelya

Edited by TheOneTrueAngel and AtticaLundy Cooper


Kentucky bred Young Lock is a solid representation of the raw, powerful, talent the city of Louisville has to offer. He gives me and his audience a pure balance of “Real” and “Solid” bars that everyone living the everyday grind of life and chasing success can relate to. Though the project initially endured a minor set back Lock, and his team still successfully revels and all his hard work pays off.

Young Lock’s intro consists of Dj Fresh introducing Lock and his up and coming tracks with what I call the “Warming Stage”, further giving us a taste of what he’s cooking up. “Ya own peoples will kill you ova pieces of paper” is describing in vivid detail what its like in the streets of Louisville. I have to agree that what he says; his words are definitely REAL and SOLID facts.
We slide into his single “Real Deal” produced by TwanBeatMaker. This gives me a nostalgic feeling of old school hip hop’s smooth delivery with the distinctive taste of new school heat. Straight to the point with a catchy hook and loaded with punch lines like: “Call me uncle Ruckus cause a n*gga hates you n*ggas” is indicative of if anyone who knows anything about the city and riding down Broadway with guru lit- you can’t help but bop and say “Everything I do be Real Deal” ya feel me?
Lock speaks on the constant contradictions and questionable loyalty of these so called hustlas and gangstas in his track “Disloyal.” Locks ability to light up and spark this beat is yet another reason why I personally support the underground artists in this city. This mixtape gets even hotter with his finessed talent in “Tryna get it” produced by Hittman J Bo of BeatAttiks. Lock talks about getting out of here and working for what he wants, while staying focused. Lock formulates the perfect street anthem on this track and chooses a powerful and solid beat  with hard hitting sounds to execute it from. This will move people, and make them feel like they got to get this money not now, but right now! Definitely “Real Deal.”

While everyone is ranting about trapping out of bandos, Lock said he does no such thing, but he is still getting this money so don’t get it twisted. “Ain’t Trappin Out the Bando” ft. Smook and produced by Hittman J Bo of BeatAttiks takes you to the streets. He showcases his ability to rap faster and having great breath control therefore gaining kudos points from me. Not every artist can do it I’ve seen it attempted and I’ve seen it fail. Once again choosing a great beat to execute from, Lock is able to flow with the horns in the background which gives it a great element and I love the fact that the hats are placed accordingly. I’ve run into instrumentals with quality sound, but too many hats will throw an artist and listener off. Now of course Lock is focused on showing his audience what Real is, and he focuses on just that in his track “What’s Real” produced by Louisville native Gwapaholik. This song has a strong underground feel with deep bass that’s going to make the speakers yell. This song makes me think back to T.I. and his underground music, as well as 3-6 Mafia when it comes to the beat, kudos! I’m wishing I heard more of the ad libs, they were present but faint- but still not taking away from the song they are there, so let’s hear em!
So Locks song “OMG” I have to give an honest first impression….jiggas are nasty lol but we love to bop to this and Lock continues to give us memorable catchy hooks. Produced by TwanBeatMaker I got to say I enjoy this track! Lock continues to ride this track and his hype voice and libs add a touch of excitement to this song. Feature artists Skillz and Smook had great lyrics and brought their own flava to the track, even being put on the spot they do very well and start strong- just need the energy to build and stay consistent. Lock should have had more of him in this particular track.
What I’ve noticed in Lock’s mixtape is that he is great at harmonizing and he displays that in “Hate Then Smile” produced by Chop Squad/Matty Moonshine with a deep undertone. I bet the moment he masters this technique he will up his own fire in no time. This is another great example of great talent within the city of Louisville. He put together a great piece and not to mention the beat gives me life it has so much going on! The orchestra style tones – I swear I hear a voice but its just the organization of the melodies wow ethereal!
Now “Hate then smile” leaves me feeling like going to war and amazingly the very next track is “Hustle is War” ft. Cadence of Louisville, great placement Lock. This is my favorite track on this project and despite the sound quality it still moves me. It’s radio ready and so versatile that everyone will enjoy. Women would relate to it also because us ladies, we love watching and supporting our men when they are out here getting it. Lock’s delivery is solid but isn’t too hard and gritty. Creating the perfect balance of hard and soft he still keeps it “G” and doesn’t make this sound to much like a love ballad. Cadence having a rich voice adds warmth to this track gives a special element to the song, seasoning it very well. This is a great duo and team collaboration. Ending the mixtape with an upbeat power ballad “On My Own,” also a commercial song and another one of my personal favorites. “Only on weekends was the only time I saw my pops” Lock gets personal on this track talking about his up bringing and getting where he is now due to his work and dedication. His feature brought a great vibe to the song as well coloring the song with his vibrant voice.
Overall Lock has a great future ahead of him, and his mixtape “Real Deal” is a wonderful foundation to rise from. Even the minor problems can easily be over looked because it’s not about perfection. His talent will be seen and I’m positive we will be seeing him city to city leaving everyone chanting “REAL DEAL! REAL DEAL!” He has the presence, talent,and drive for this and it shows in his music and in due time everyone else will see it also.


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